The Backrow

Colette was seated in an area in the back of the room with the other seconds. While, the Primogens were around the table where the Prince sat. She could hear and see everything that was going on.

It seemed to her Mr. Williams, as he wanted to be called, had made his points very clear. He wanted the city run like a business. How very Ventrue of him. He wanted the Masquerade in place and rules to be obeyed or he could just execute the offending parties. How very Prince of him. Children being off limits sat well with Colette. She was still deciding if she trusted him or not as Prince or as much as one would trust someone of another clan but he was certainly gaining ground with her.

Angelica sat near Colette thinking how odd but useful the Nosfartu were. She heard everything the Prince said. He sounded reasonable and that was enough for her. The Giovanni had a clan flaw that made their bites extremely deadly and damaging. She didn't have any prey exclusions, except horses, or limitations but that flaw limited her greatly as to hunting. She, along with the rest of her clan, where reliant greatly on the blood trade. Here that meant Quinn ,even if Angelica, would have preferred to get her blood elsewhere.

The brunette glanced around the table, letting her eyes settle on the Brujah Primogen. What an annoyance Quinn was to her? The Giovanni should just control the really illegal businesses everywhere they go. It was what they did. However, they get here and other factions had their hands in it as well. It wasn't so bad the factions that the Giovanni didn't want to control; like the information network but the guns and other underground enterprises both the Giovanni and the Brujah were in competition over those. Some places the Brujah were run by brutes who were easily conned but, as if to add to the annoyance, Quinn wasn't that type of Brujah. Instead Quinn was smart. Lei è così fastidiosa. (She is so annoying.) Angelica thought.

Around the table the Primogens Leon, Quinn and Mario all found the Prince to be pretty clear on what he expected and had no questions. They just had to wait until it was time for the Primogens to talk.

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