Adele's 2 Cents

"I will say this to all Clans there are a few things I will not tolerate. Prey that's off-limits, feeding grounds for all clans. One, if it interferes with the Masquerade, don't do it. Two for now on schools grounds from K through 12 are off-limits. Killing or feeding on kids attracts too much attention. If I ketch anyone or get a creditable report I will kill them. It is that simple. there will be more to follow on that subject as I get more antiquated with this city. He says looking around the room.

"any questions so far?" he asks with a charming smile.

Adele had a warm smile on her face as she listened to Alex lay down the rules for everyone. She hoped he would live by the same rules as well since it was the only way to maintain the Masquerade now. As she looked around she noticed the new faces of the others. In her mind Alex was a CEO type who was not afraid to use Corporal Punishment. Since the Gangrel were off causing trouble she planned to deal with them later on to help Alex out and establish a stronger Camarilla.

As for Quinn and Angelica it was not hard to sense some tension between the two since the Giovanni and Brujah were constantly competition for business and resources. Quinn was more like a Ventrue than a Brujah in her mindset which made her easier to work with and she was somehow able to control her not so bright clan members. Since Quinn ran the Blood Bank everyone had to do business with her, even if they were not interested in her other adventures. It would be best if she was around to make life easier in New Orleans. Angelica on the other hand came off more like a mob daughter who was still learning the ropes and too greedy for her own good. True the Giovanni controlled the police and judges, but that could easily change one day. Anjelica could easily be replaced unlike Quinn. Adele was concerned the two might butt heads in the future. However they would have to obey Alex if they didn't want to lose what they valued.

Then there was Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette from the French Quarter. She was an up and coming name in the Tremere Clan. She is a Voodoo Priestess and entertainer who somehow ended up as Primogen due to the war. She was not strong but she was the only one who managed to finish high school so made her the smartest in the clan. By sheer dumb luck and a good imagination she managed to make some very useful magical tools to sell to the other clans as well as gaining some small Soul-Cajun food restaurants with a Voodoo theme on top of her Voodoo shows. Eryakah was a hard worker and over time developed a decent business sense. However she was still the poorest of the clans and the weakest. She was afraid they might take over her territory or run her out of business if they so desired. She was especially afraid of Adele since she her high rolling business could easily squash hers. So to see where she stood she spoke up to Adele.

Erykah: Ms. Bordeaux? Wut are your plans en rebuilding New Orleans?

Adele looked at Erykah and smiled as she replied.

Adele: Well my focus will be in some high end Hotel/Restaurants, some clubs, museums, the fashion industry, Mardi Gras, Halloween, tourism, TV, music, theater, promotions and such. Why do you ask?

Erykah: Will dey be clashing wit our business?

Adele knew where this was going and had already made a plan to ease the tension between them.

Adele: Actually I have plans to include you in some business opportunities such as renovation the old museum, making a float for Mardi Gras, A Halloween event, A spot on the October television show with Elvira, and a cooking show. Of course you can still sell your magic tools at your leisure since they are a popular commodity. So what do you think?

Erykah thought for a bit as she wondered what Adele's angle was. Granted she was very tempted by the offers but didn't want to rush into things and needed to see a contract first.

Erykah: Sucha tempting offer. We should talk more later on.

Adele: Of course we can draw up some papers and make a contract later on.

Both women gave a kind smile in hopes of doing good business together. Then Adele turned to Leon and spoke politely since this relationship was the most fragile. Leon seemed like the stereotypical Nosferatu who was devoted to kids and info. She was worried there would be some tension still between the Toreador and Noseratu like in the past so she needed a diplomat to work between them. So she spoke up looking at Leon.

Adele: Greetings Mr. La point. Its good that you are doing well. I see you are an avid customer of Erykah's goods.

Adele was speaking about the magic glasses that hid the Nosferatu's true appearance. Her research on the clans was needed to help establish peaceful business transactions. This was to reassure Erykah her tools were important and establish her honesty with Leon.

Adele: Well to ensure a smoother transition between our clans despite a fragile history. I would like to appoint Helana Ward as our Toreador Liaison for all clans since many of you seem to have a positive history with her and her establishment is used for business and pleasure between all clans. Since it is a Sanctuary of sorts between all clans, I feel Helena would be able to reduce any tension between our business adventurers unless anyone has any objections?


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