No Objections So Far

Leon had been getting a feel for the room. He knew most of the primogens that were there. The only real unknown was the new Toreador primogen, Adele. Nosferatu's didn’t trust Toreadors actually it was, almost, so ingrained into some of them that it might be almost called a natural instinct. Colette had a tendency to not trust them but, then again, she was extremely cautious about any new vampires to the area that weren’t part of their clan. Not that Leon could blame any Nosferatu for feeling that way. Toreador had a tendency to not treat Nosferatu like something they scraped off their shoe. Colette and Lilly had butted heads from day one because Lilly had acted like almost any clan was better than the Nosferatu. Lilly had eased up; just a little on that but the two women still didn’t get along.

Leon however was a typical Nosferatu but he was a more diplomatic one than some. A lot of Nosferatu were smart, a lot cared about humans in a way many other clans didn’t, many though were also just as happy never dealing with any other kind of vampire until their final death. The ones that only hung out in the sewers were like this. Some hung out there because they hadn’t learned the skills, yet to be top dwellers, others though they were always in the sewers simply because they preferred it. The bottom dwellers didn’t care about gaining abilities to change their appearance like was needed to live above ground. They gained other abilities instead. The one thing they did exceptionally well was stay hidden and could travel longer distances though the tunnels, so they had their own uses when it came to gathering information. They had to be careful to stay hidden or risk breaking the masquerade which didn’t always make things easy.

Leon, being as diplomatic as he was, got along, fairly well, with pretty much all the primogens he knew. Quinn and Leon had probably the best relationship though so that was a little problematic, at times, when it came to the Giovanni. Well, mostly Angelica. Mario wasn’t around a lot and Giorgo was actually a pretty easy guy to get along with, he also wasn’t second in charge so Leon’s dealings with him were limited. Angelica, on the other hand, seemed to be the one he had to deal most with and she was still learning the ropes. Leon wasn’t overly concerned with the Giovanni because what Angelica didn’t seem to grasp, despite being intelligent, was that there were five Giovanni in the area, maybe a few hundred or a couple of thousand at most world wide. There were a lot more Brujah. Brujah that would fight to the death to defend what was theirs. In reality, if there was a fight between the two clans, the Brujah would wipe the floor with the Giovanni. It wasn’t even a question in Leon’s mind. He just really hoped it never came to that and with the new Prince, well, the man didn’t seem like the type to take kindly to that kind of disruption in his area.

Then Adele turned to Leon and spoke politely since this relationship was the most fragile. Leon seemed like the stereotypical Nosferatu who was devoted to kids and info. She was worried there would be some tension still between the Toreador and Noseratu like in the past so she needed a diplomat to work between them. So she spoke up looking at Leon.

Adele: Greetings Mr. La point. Its good that you are doing well. I see you are an avid customer of Erykah's goods.

Adele was speaking about the magic glasses that hid the Nosferatu's true appearance. Her research on the clans was needed to help establish peaceful business transactions. This was to reassure Erykah her tools were important and establish her honesty with Leon.

“Thank you,” Leon spoke politely to Adele. “Yes, the glasses are quite useful.” He and Colette and, pretty much, any of the Nosferatu that were above ground a lot had to have the ability to change their appearance but, occasionally, there was the need for those without that ability to venture above ground. The glasses were used to hide their true appearance. Leon had bought many of them and they were for use whenever a Nosferatu needed them. “I hope that you are getting settled into the city. Please, myself or Colette, “ nodding towards his second sitting on the side of the room. “If we can be of any service to you.”

Adele: Well to ensure a smoother transition between our clans despite a fragile history. I would like to appoint Helena Ward as our Toreador Liaison for all clans since many of you seem to have a positive history with her and her establishment is used for business and pleasure between all clans. Since it is a Sanctuary of sorts between all clans, I feel Helena would be able to reduce any tension between our business adventurers unless anyone has any objections?

Leon and Quinn both thought that Helena being the liaison was a good idea and they voiced that opinion by saying they each had no objections. Mario, however, only ventured out of his home for things like this meeting or emergencies. He didn’t really know Helena, at all. However, everything that Angelica did and everyone she had contact with, Mario made sure she reported back to him so he had heard enough about Helena to make up his mind pretty quickly. “I agree as well.” He said.

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