When A Prince Requests A Meeting

When the last leader of the Brujah had left he had left a few things; a fairly nice house with a good deal of land on the outside the city and a fleet of cars and motorcycles. It's easy when you are on the take to make a good deal of money. Quinn had inherited all of this but being it was suspect that many of these things had come from dealings with the former Prince and the Sabbat, though never proven, Quinn looked at those things as blood money. She had actually ended up donating a good portion of the money to the Nosfartu to use for their work with the homeless and children's hospitals. It was part of the reason she got along so well with Leon and Colette. Quinn kept the house because it was a perfect one for the clan and changing head locations tended to confuse some of the less adaptable Brujah. She had sold most of the cars and motorcycles. The motorcycles were easily gotten rid of and some of the buyers had been Gangel who Quinn had no real qualms with as long as they didn't do anything to annoy her. The cars were easily taking off her hands. The money from that had been into doing things to the house, renovations was a good work for it, to make it even more vampire friendly. Some into investments and the rest she kept, after all, she should get something for her troubles. She had, though, kept four vehicles. One was a van to transport more of the Brujah some place when necessary. One was a sedan; white, a Volvo, and pretty standard looking for a more expensive one. Nice enough but meant to blend in when that was needed. Third was a sports car: Porsche, 718 Boxster in black. Quinn's personal favorite. Lastly, sitting in the corner, under a tarp which might be gathering dust by this point was a slightly banged up in deadwood green and vivid black, Harley Davidson, Heritage Classic. The motorcycle she couldn't part with but also didn't want. She stood in the garage for a moment just staring at the corner where the bike that should have been covered stood. It was though currently uncovered and memories flashed in her mind paralyzing her for a moment.

"Ms. Quinn, Ms. Quinn." Her driver and partial bodyguard Henry had to physically touch her, at his own risk, to bring her mind back to the present.

"Henry." Quinn tried to ignore what had just happened. "Who uncovered that?" Clearly indicating the Harley.

"I don't know Ma'am. I will cover it back up right away." Henry did as he had said and walked back over to her. "I'm sorry miss, forgive me for being forward, but shouldn't you just get rid of that thing."

Quinn understood the question, after all she couldn't bear to look at the motorcycle but also couldn't bear to part with it. "No. It's not time for that." No other explanation was given. Then on to other things. "Let's take the Porsche."

"Very good, Ma'am," said Henry knowing when to let the subject drop. He opened the door for her, got in himself and the two headed off to Gomorrah. They arrived a little while later. Henry was to sit in a booth outside and just wait for her; he couldn't come into the meeting but she doubted there would be many problems tonight with the new Prince in town. They were greeted by the staff of the club who she told to get Henry whatever he wanted on her. Being a ghoul he craved blood, especially her blood, but he could also still drink and eat like any human. Henry, who had left his weapons in the car, took a seat at one of the booths and watched as Quinn was escorted to the meeting room.


"I have a meeting to attend," Angelica told Lanely as the women helped her now keeper get ready. "While, I am gone I want you to finish putting those files into the computer." It was a large stack as they were really Mario's files and Mario didn't like technology.

"Yes, Miss." Lanely said.

"Good girl."

The only good part about this meeting, as far as Mario was concerned, was he would get to meet the new Prince himself and get a feel for the man. Mario stayed to himself mostly and could have cared less about meeting with the other Primogens. He just wanted to run him business until he couldn't any longer and make sure Angelica was ready to take over when that time came. There had been a time when the politics of it all mattered more to him but no, what difference did it make, when he was only to meet with a dark fate in the end. Still, it was in bad form to turn down a Prince.

"Mario, Amore Mio." (Mario, my love) Elara said after knocking and entering the door. "Angelica is ready."

"Bene," (good) Mario responded. "Sii buono mentre sono via e potrei avere un regalo per te piĆ¹ tardi." (Be good while I'm gone and I might have a treat for you later.) She moved sensually towards him and leaned in to kiss him. He backed off. "Non adesso" (Not now) He liked to keep her waiting, wanting more, that built up the anticipation for later.

Mario stepped outside into the hallway where Angelica stood with Guiseppe. "Guiseppe," Mario snapped his fingers, "Go bring the car around. Use the Jag." They had a few different cars to choose from but the Jaguar XF was a sedan, made for a good chauffeur driven vehicle and Mario knew was Angelica's favorite.

Angelica smiled when Mario said the word Jag but the minute Guiseppe left Mario said. "No weapons, right."

"Yes." Angelica then said. "I informed Guiseppe."

Mario nodded. The man rarely smiled or cracked a joke; except, when faking it for some reason or when he was with Elara but even that was rare. He looked very seriously at Angelica. "Conosci le regole quando ci sono io. Faresti meglio a non romperli o ci saranno conseguenze." (You know the rules when I'm around. You better not break them or there will be consequences.)

"Si, Mario." Though Angelica had a highly unlikely probability of disobeying Mario no matter what he wanted her to do.

It wasn't long after that that they arrived at the club. Mario had to order Guiseppe to not come with them to the room where the meeting was being held but he followed orders and took a seat at the bar. Mario and Angelica were escorted to the meeting room arriving a few moments later.


Leon and Colette had actually been the first to arrive at Gomorrah but had gone downstairs to make sure everything was going well. As they kept an eye on the time; Leon asked Colette. "So, what do you think about the new Prince."

"I don't know, yet. He seems reasonable." Colette shrugged. It was really too soon to tell but she didn't get anything bad off of him. "He seems much better than the last Prince, even when the last Prince first started out."

The two, though, weren't talking in English, they were talking mostly in Cherokee with a few French words thrown in when there was no good translation into Cherokee for what they were trying to say.

"Well, that's good." Leon commented.

"The last Prince burned all of us. I think this new one is going to have to really work to gain trust here." Colette knew most of the vampires were a little leary of a new prince but they would be with any new prince, given what had happened, and she wasn't any exception. "But if he's good it'll be fine."

Leon nodded then switched to speaking in English. "Speaking of which, it's time to go. "Carol, we're leaving." Speaking to the woman that would be left in charge for the rest of the night.

Carol nodded and Leon and Colette made their way back upstairs. They were escorted to the room where the meeting would be held.

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