The Hidden Ones

Jp with Redsword, Lily, Jaxx and Cindy

Hearing that they had found Aurora, The Prince had a sense of relief. He looked around and did not see any danger. He looked at Lia who nodded giving the signal it was clear. Alex gave a small smile and moved in a blink of an eye as Alex moved through the graveyard he looked like a blur. It only took seconds for him to get there to where Aurora was.

Lia took that chance and moved as well to another advantage point, she checked the area for anyone that might be watching she saw a human but too far for them to be watching, no drones either.

Then some movement caught her eye. He knew it immediately she could sense the werewolf but just barely. It was moving away she knew they had been watching just like they watched them. Lia would let this go for now.

As the Prince got to the tomb he stopped and looked at the two bodies that were starting to be cleaned up already. There was no guessing who just arrived his presence was probably a slight weight on everyone there. Alex wanted it to be that way so Aurora would know Alex was there. It was also a warning to everyone in the area that Alex was not going to give quarter to anyone that was a threat.

He walked into the tomb with anticipation to see Aurora. Alex's eyes adjusted quickly. He walked over to her pushing anyone out of the way that did not move. Alex saw her struggling with Colette. it was a good sign Aurora still had strength. "Aurora, you are with friends. You are safe" Alex said with a firm but loving tone. Walking up to her with his hands out. "Come to me Aurora."

Aurora turned, she was still for a second, she stared at Alex. As if the strength suddenly drained from her tears streaked her face and she practically collapsed into Alexander's arms. " I-I was so scared. The human girl did they hurt her?" She whimpered.

"No, she's waiting in the car. She's alright." Colette explained. "Do you think you can stand?" She asked Aurora.

"I'm fine, just tired. I want a bath and to get out of here," She said, quietly. Something in her, "I'm fine", made it clear she was not fine. She was still sort of on her feet. Leaning heavily into Alex but still sort of on her feet.

Colette could tell Aurora wasn't "fine", who would be after all that but she knew better than to say anything. The Nosferatu walked over to the mangled corpses of the guards and noticed something. Wires and now broken black boxes. She went back to the group. "The guards had walkie-talkies. I would suspect that Levi is on his way with back-up." She looked at the group and said. "I can make several of us invisible but not everyone. About half the group." She wished Levi was here, then they could just make the entire group invisible but there was no time to get him. "We are not going to just be able to walk out of here, so we need a plan."

"That monster comes near me again and I'll kill him," Aurora growled low.

Colette shook her head, "That's a great thought but do have any idea how powerful he is? He got to Quinn. I think it might be best if I make you and maybe Mr. Williams invisible and we exit another way. You can kill him, after he's captured." Colette had no idea if Levi would be captured but she knew Aurora couldn't fight him. "Mr. Williams, of course, the decision is ultimately yours."

"I want him dead," Aurora said her voice strongly cold.

The Prince was quiet for a moment thinking. "I was told it was not my job to fight but to lead, by my Elders." He commented. "But this is one time I think it is time I did." He turned to the others, his tone cold and lacking emotion. "Let's set a trap. Use me to lure them in. "I will hide a little, like I am trying. Don't want to tip them off," Alex suggested. "Aurora, I will deal with it. You need to go. I cannot fight if I don't think you are safe."

"No, you're not fighting him, that's my fight," She said.

The Prince smiled, "Good try, but you will not affect me with your will," said the Prince. "Now, go. You will have your chance in time. Safety for the others first. You have to trust me and go now before it is too late Aurora," ordered Alex.

"Alex- no don't fight them," Aurora squeezed. Tears streaked her face and her grip on him was tight.

Tears streaked her face. " I can't lose you," She whimpered.

Alex gave a reinsuring smile to Aurora. "I have been through a few wars. I can handle myself and I have Lia. I have not seen too many who can take her down in combat. I have protection here and will get out if I have to." said Alex.

"You should come with me," Colette said, to Aurora. "If anyone else is coming I suggest letting me know now."

" But but Alex" She said weakly. But let Colette lead her away.

"We need a signal for when they arrive. I could do a sound, like a low whistle." Colette didn't wait long for an answer, as it wasn't really a question. More just so everyone knew what to listen for.

The Nosfartu made herself, Aurora and Erykah invisible, as everyone was staying.

Colette spotted a group coming their way but Levi wasn't with them, or didn't seem to be. Still she radioed the situation to Jai.

They made there way quickly to the parking lot, where Colette hid Aurora and got Joyce. Then gathered everyone together and turned them invisible again.

She made every hide behind some bushes and told them to be quiet. Colette made sure she was the only one who could see the comings and goings.

As suspected Levi showed with five others. One other vampire but the rest were ghouls. Colette sent the signal to Jai.

" What I he comes after me again? What if he gets Alex? He gets a sick pleasure from torturing people," She said quietly.

"None of those with Mr. Williams will allow him to be taken by Levi. Did Levi torture you?" Colette wasn't trying to minimize what Aurora had been through but she knew Levi could have done much worse. "Am I correct in assuming Levi took you to get to Alex? I understand your scared, it makes sense you would be but Levi isn't known for trying the same tactic twice." Colette was trying to elevate some of Aurora's fears.

"He was not allowed to touch me he tortured that poor human girl, he wants to kill Alex," She said.

Erykah was concerned by this conversation as she dug in her bag for a magical tool to offer some protection. She didn't want to use it if she could avoid it since it was hard to make and very expensive. However if it came to it she would use it to protect her allies. It looked like a wand/tube with a dragon like design on it. Unfortunately, it was a one shot weapon and she had to make it count. So she remained on guard as she listened to Colette and Aurora talk next to her.

Colette whispered, "Joyce can you let Aurora know you're here?" A voice came through standing closer to Aurora than Colette. "I'm alright. I was left chained up but they didn't torture me. Thank you for saving my life, Aurora."

Colette sighed, "Now, we really need to stop talking before someone hears us."

Aurora breath a sigh of relief. And was quite for the rest of the time.

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