Investigating The Casino (Part 1)

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx and Cindy

The River Casino had been quite the attraction in its day. It was known to have a great steakhouse, friendly staff, great headliners, and an ambiance of general southern hospitality. It also was known for its high ceilings which held crystal chandeliers, artwork by some local artists, large windows overlooking the Mississippi, and headliners who were incredibly well known. The guest rooms were known to be all elaborate suites with the most elaborate reserved for the high rollers. As for the high rollers - the buy-in at the most expensive table had been one of the highest in the area.

Looking, now from the outside, it seemed like a long time ago. The windows were now broken shards of glass, graffiti, and moss covered the once-pristine walls.

After the hurricane and subsequent flooding, of several years prior, some places which had suffered the most damage were rebuilt but others just left abandoned properties to never return. The amusement park and this casino were two such places.

The investigative group had all arrived there and were waiting on instructions but the first thing to do was obvious. Colette turned to the two Tremere, who had been asked to help, and said, "We need to disarm any wards first."

Primogen Erykah Badu and Dominic Boudreaux had joined the investigation at the request of Alex. It was clear he was unhappy and helping him find the missing Aurora would clearly earn them some merits. Since the Tremere was a weak clan right now they needed all the boons they could get. Joining them was the Gangrel Hector Gomez and a Gangrel named Alan who seemed lower on the totem pole. The Gangrel were also in a weak position much like the Tremere so they needed to earn some merits as well. By aiding the Prince in this dire situation they could smooth out some of their shady past.

So after hearing Colette's request to disarm the wards, Erykah and Dominic began to lay out some tools and made their preparations to properly remove any wards they could find. Meanwhile, the two Gangrels guarded the Tremere from any surprise attacks. It was going to take some time so they all had to be patient till they received an all-clear.

Ryker walked up to the two Gangrel and got their attention with a slight grunt before he put up his hands and signed for a perimeter sweep to check for other exist. Knowing that once the wards were down they could run, and if no one knew the exits they could end up with nothing to show for this extrusion.

Jai approached Collette as he check the gun he was holding had a round chambered. It'd do little to a vampire but humans with bullet holes were easier to explain away than one ripped in half by a Gangrel. "How's the work going? Everyone on task?" he asked eyes sweeping the hole and weed-pocked parking lot.

"Everything's going well though we just started. I was thinking we have a large enough group to split the investigation between floors. I can bring one of the Trimere and one of Gangrel or Ryker with me to the second floor." Colette wasn't inexperienced in such matters and knew that going in protected was best.

"If you can easily understand Ryker feel free, he's a trained soldier so he'll listen, and he'll keep you safe." Jai said, "So long as the others listen to orders we should be fine. Just move slow. We don't know what surprises they might have left. Including more than just wards." He said, handing her a walkie-talkie. "Keep connected. Channel..." Jai held up three fingers down low, in case someone listening.

"Got it," Colette responded. "The Trimere are currently taking care of any wards outside the building so once they give the all clear they should be good to go.

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