The Challenge

“Quinn, my dear Childe, come out, come out.” Cora beckoned loudly towards the house that the Brujah Primogen called home.

“What do you want?” Quinn had known the voice even before she stepped onto the porch. “And why are you being so loud?”

“I didn’t want to be caught by any traps you might have set.”

Well, that actually made sense but Quinn hadn’t bothered with traps. If the two were going to duke it out, it would happen one way or the other. The Primogen wasn’t overly worried about it.

“So what do you want?” Quinn hadn’t forgotten Cora never answered the question. She walked down the steps and towards the older Brujah. When she got close enough, Quinn added. “Because you're not welcome here.”

“I’m a little surprised you’re not helping your new best friends - the Camarilla.” There was a snide tone to Cora’s voice. “Now why might that be?”

By now the other Brujah had started gathering around, in a circle that enclosed the two. It was sign they were looking for a fight to happen but Quinn was trying to avoid that scenario at the moment.

“Oh, yes…that’s right…It must be the Sabbat.” Cora continued, emphasizing the word Sabbat.”Is that it? Are you still scared of the Sabbat?”

Quinn narrowed her brows and stared at her Sire, “Maybe, I just wanted to be here when you showed up. After all, you're rather predictable”

The back and forth insults between the two went on for a while, many of the insults were far more insulting to a Brujah than it might be to others. Things like who they couldn’t beat up. There was a good twenty mintues of this till finally Quinn called Cora an ass kisser to the Sabbat.

“Well, it’s better than kissing the ass of the Camarilla.” Cora responded. As an independent clan they really did not need to be on either side but apparently sides had been chosen.

Cora then turned to the gathered crowd of Brujah, “We have an opportunity to join the Sabbat to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Who’s with me?”

Quinn shook her head, “You all remember what happened when the Sabbat were controlling the Prince. You all know what their like. I won’t stop anyone that wants to go with Cora but I ask you think about that decision before making it.”

The rest of the Brujah looked confused, which was perhaps to be expected.
“Maybe, we should settle this by the ways of the Brujah.” Cora suggested. “A fight, winner takes the clan.”

Quinn could not go against that, she had to stand firm. “When and where?”

“Where all good fights occur. You choose the when?” Cora responded

“The abandoned amusement part. Let’s set the time, after the childe of the Prince is found. I don’t think either of us want to interrupt him with this right now.” It was neutral ground but an actual planned fight among vampires still needed permission from the Prince. Even the independent ones.

“I don’t really care about permission from the Prince.” Cora snidely said.

“I have to do business in that city so I do,” Quinn responded.

“Alright when the childe is found. I can wait.” With that Cora left.

Quinn not wanting to break stuff in her house, offered to fight one of the Brujah there. She easily won but it released that energy. The Primogen went inside, with some of the Brujan still questioning what had just happened.

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