Traps To A Prince

JP with Jaxx, Lasersexpanther, Redsword and Cindy

"That would be me? it is Aurora's neckless" said the Prince. Lia did not look happy her anger was growing. "Mr. Williams, this is a trap sir," she said. One of the guards looked at Mr. Williams "It's a classic trap Sir." the bodyguard said.

The Prince got an evil grin "So The key hanging on the necklace. Let us see what the trap is." suggested the Prince. "Hand me the key if you would." asked the Prince.

"I believe you are the only one that can retrieve the necklace," Colette said to the Prince. "Just move slowly, I'll keep an eye out to see if anything else happens here."

The prince pulled out a pin it was metal and shiny. "I hope I don't lose an arm over this." the prince said with a sly grin. He looked over the area carefully this was not his first time like this and he knew it would not be the last time. He remembered defusing landmines back in World War 2. Mr. Williams was calm He slowly reached and took the neckless being careful not to touch anything else.

A noise could be heard over by Colette which sounded like something sliding shut. "The cabinet doors closed." Colette looked forward and up and yelled "DUCK!"

The Prince was shoved to the floor by Lia instantly. followed by his guard's nest to Mr. Williams slightly covering him. "What the hell!" said the prince. slightly muffled from the floor.

A spear shot over the Prince, Lia and his guards who were now on the floor, and right into the wall. If the Prince had been standing up, it would have easily speared him.

Colette ran up to where the others were and, noticing everyone was fine, went to look at the wall opposite where the Prince had stood.

It was at the top of the wall, and maybe only a few inches wide but there was an opening there that had not been noticeable before. Just how long had the Sabbat being planning all of this? Was the question that ran through Colette's mind.

Lia and the Prince looked around then got up. The prince dusted himself off. "I just got this suit cleaned These guys are really pushing my patience. Thank you Miss LaPoint, That would have left a mark I think" remarked the Prince looking at the spear.

Colette gave a respectful nod to the Prince. "I believe it's safe for us to continue on now."

The group continued down the hall, there were no more traps magical or mundane until they came to two doors at the end of the hall.

On the two doors were big flowers, teddy bears and trees in a landscape mural that continued down the hallway. Attached to the door handle was an obvious wire which lead to a box. To anyone who looked at the box, it would be clear anyone trying to open the door would be shocked.

"Did you hear that?" Colette asked. If if it wasn't for the vamperic hearing in the group, it could not have been heard at all but there was clearly the sound of someone muffled trying to yell out, and it was coming from inside the room.

Jai looked at the door and the wire. "Step back a bit." he told her as he drew one of his knives, and with a flick of his wrist the razor edged blade severed the wire from the box.

Erykah and Dominic stayed close to Colette as they aided her when instructed. This was appearing more like a labyrinth from a fable now more than a simple recuse. They were concerned things could get more dangerous after seeing the Prince dodge a rather nasty spear. It was helpful that jai seemed to understand how to disarm simple traps.

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