The Gomorrah club Primogen meeting over.

Alexsander looked around at the Primogen's they were all unique and he likes the diverse people in the room he saw a lot of possibilities in the Primogen's. But this meeting had to come to an end soon. Alexsander was comfortable with what he had seen and heard for now. He had enough information on the Primogen's right now and could see who was going to work well and who could have some problems with.

The Butcher of Baker Street troubled Alexsander and could lead to problems with the masquerade. Alexsander knew he had to deal with that quickly as he could. Alexsander looked at the Ipad in front of him with all the information as the room got quiet. Alexsander knew they were waiting on him as a sign of respect.

"I have heard from all of you I have taken concertation of what you all have said and shown me. I take all of your comments seriously." Alexsander takes a drink from his goblet of blood. "The Butcher of Baker Street needs to be dealt with inform me if the Butcher is seen do what you can to detain The Butcher. Respect everyone's borders and bring all disputes to me." Alexsander said with a stern look. "I look forward to seeing all of you either at your next meeting or in the nights to follow." he took another drink from his goblet of blood. "Do note that I will drop in on all of Primogen's from time to time to see how you operate and see how your clan is doing. I will let you know if I am coming for the most part." Alexsander said with a warm smile.

"I will have to end this meeting now you are all dismissed I will stay for a few minutes just in case something needs to be addressed. Please finish your goblets and you can talk with one another as needed. Have a good night." Alexsander finishes politely and stands to his feet.

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