Getting Ready

(Fast Forward: takes place the 2nd weekend of Dec. Saturday. The day of Lilly's masquerade party.)

Lilly arouse and called for Hope who came running.

"Yes, ma'am," Hope said.

"We had a lot to do before the party tonight. Did the caterers stop by?" Lilly didn't actually mean caterers she meant Quinn and an amble supply of blood.

"No, Ma'am but she called and based on what she said she should be here any minute with the supply." Hope responded. "Do you need breakfast?"

"Yes, and warm." Lilly nodded.

Hope came over, sat down next to Lilly and offered her neck. Lilly sipped enough but not so much to make Hope weak. It was a vampire only party tonight so she wasn't concerned about not being able to eat all night.

Once breakfast was done; Hope helped Lilly get ready for her day and then the two women went downstairs to start on the preparations. Much had already been done but everything had to be to Lilly's standards which meant perfect.

As she was ordering Hope and Harold around she heard the tap, tap, tap of the knocker on the front of the door. Lilly despised the idea of putting in a doorbell so people had to use the brass antique elaborate fleur-de-lis door knocker.

Harold opened the door and gave a polite nod before allowing the woman into the home. "Just a moment please." Harold said.

The next thing that could be heard was Harold's voice announcing Quinn was here to see Lilly.

"I need all you to wait here," Quinn told the Brujah who had come with her to make the delivery.

"What if we see a deer? Can we get a snack?" One of the Brujah asked.

"No, no snacks, no killing anything living. Or drinking any of the blood bags. Don't eat anything. "

"Drink?" Another asked

"Its going to get boring sitting in this van." Another said. "Can we at least walk around?"

They're worse than children. Quinn thought. She figured she'd hear one of them say they had to go to the bathroom if Vampires used such things.

"All of you stop right now. I will get you when I know what we need to do with the blood. Don't move or I will fight each and everyone of you." That got them to shut up.

Quinn got out of the van and went to the door. It had been a while since she had been here but remembered to use the knocker. It all was a little pretentious but nothing more than what was expected when it came to Lilly.

She was escorted inside and stood there for just a moment before Lilly showed up.

"Hello, Quinn."

"Hey, got your blood for the party where do you want it?" She had stuff to do but wasn't impolite about it ether.

"If you can bring it around to the kitchen door there are refrigerators set up. Fill them and put the extra in the deep freezer." Lilly said.

"Got it." Off Quinn went to the van. She got the Brujah to deliver the blood and then they left. She would get her fill of small talk tonight at the party she was sure.


A few hours later.

Everything was ready. Lilly was finishing getting ready. She'd make her grand entrance after some party goers arrived.

It was now just time to wait.

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