New kid in town…

It was just about dark when Mira slinked into the back of a yellow cab at the airport. The flight was smooth and getting through customs was easy. It was one of the joys of having to travel to conferences. Her name was in the U.S. Customs System as was her passport. In her bag was her laptop and her important papers. She wore a full length red dress with white buttons. The dress draped on the floor with full length sleeves. On her hand s she wore white gloves and her head was covered by a hat with a flexible brim all to protect her from the sun.

“Darling, take me to this address,” she said handing the driver a note with a beautifully penned address on it.

“Saint Patrick’s Church,” The driver said. He was a overweight African-American man who was listening to the latest gangster rap. A BlackLives matter sticker was stuck to the passenger visor next to pictures of his children, the oldest dressed in a New Orlean’s police uniform. She smiled at him after he put he luggage into the trunk.

Twenty minutes of Rap made Mira about ready to claw her way through the bulletproof glass and kill the man with the radio. Instead, she checked her lipstick in the pocket mirror she had and started talking to the driver soft enough that he had to turn the radio down. The smell of pot radiated from the interior,

Five blocks from the super dome and about the same from most of the big hotels along the Mississippi, in what was called the Warehouse District they came to the church. The driver stopped at the main entrance and unloaded her bags. Driving off after she paid him.

Sticking to the sidewalk, she walked around the perimeter. Cutting through gardens, seemed to risky the church had a thing about the undead and she had a thing about the church. The agent had not told her about the poor neighbors. God and Mira had some unresolved issues from life. On the positive side, there was a school which meant young fresh bodies to corrupt.

Rounding the corner, she crossed the street to a multi story building that she was going to make into her spa and salon.

She still needed a business name, but she had to show herself to the prince and a primogen to meet.

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