Report of A Delicate Nature

The meeting seemed to stall for a moment. Alexsander looked around at the Primogen's they were all unique and he likes the diverse people in the room he saw a lot of perinatal in the room. but this meeting had to keep going he did not want to have this meeting last all night.

He said "Excuse me." to get everyone's attention. "Ms. Ward you have time to think on it. let's move on so we can get other business out of the way. OK who want to give the next report or comments?" he asked with a smile.

Quinn said, "I will. Requests for blood has almost doubled in the past 3 months. Usually, that means the number of kindred in the area has also increased; as well. It doesn't seem to be slowing down, either. I'd just wanted to put that out there so we all, as Primogens, can be looking for those who are new to the area.

Mario waited for other Primogens to say something about Quinn's report before speaking up and he looked directly at Quinn. "That's potentially a lot of new customers for certain" pausing as he tried to come up with the word in English. "Goods and services. Maybe we could talk later regarding those services we both offer. Perhaps territories."

Quinn didn't really trust the Giovanni but was curious. "By all means. We can discuss that later."

Any other questions and comments to Quinn or Mario were taken; then it was Leon's turn. With a motion of two fingers he called over Colette who took a stack of red folders off one of the side tables and started handing them out; each Primogen and Helena each getting a folder. Once Colette was done, Leon said "Merci, Colette." Colette sat back down where she had been.

"What I'm going to tell you is to be kept in the strictest confidence. That goes for everyone in the room. I've already discussed this matter with Mr. Williams and he wanted all of you to be brought in on it. It is however a delicate matter." Leon began. "The folder I have put in front of you is regarding a killer on the loose who the police are calling "The Butcher of Baker Street." In the white envelopes are some crime scenes pictures. I feel I must warn you some of the pictures are on the more graphic nature."

Leon took a moment to allow everyone to open the folders. "In the folders you'll see a detailed list of each of the murders. Date, location, what was the nature of each death. This is the information we were able to get so far." He paused long enough for at least a decent scan of the folders. "There seems to be no pattern to the killings that we can find. And unfortunately I don't, currently, have access to any Malkavians; they are sometimes useful in finding patterns in chaos." Leon went on. " As you can see from the folders there are a number of things that make it seem like it could be one of our kind. If not us, then perhaps, Sabbat. I'll give you all a few minutes to look over the folders and comment or ask questions if you want."

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