The Metting Contenues

Leon and Quinn both thought that Helena being the liaison was a good idea and they voiced that opinion by saying they each had no objections. Mario, however, only ventured out of his home for things like this meeting or emergencies. He didn’t really know Helena, at all. However, everything that Angelica did and everyone she had contact with, Mario made sure she reported back to him so he had heard enough about Helena to make up his mind pretty quickly. “I agree as well.” He said.

The meeting seemed to stall for a moment. Alexsander looked around at the Primogen's they were all unique and he likes the diverse people in the room he saw a lot of perinatal in the room. but this meeting had to keep going he did not want to have this meeting last all night.

He said "Excuse me." to get everyone's attention. "Ms. Ward you have time to think on it. let's move on so we can get other business out of the way. OK how want to give the next report or comments?" he asked with a smile.

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