Lillian's Party

It would be a little bit of a drive to get to the estate this would be the first as Prince and not at a club. The Black Mercedes Maybach s600 stretch car was moving through town smoothly. Alexander Looked over to Lia she was staring at the Ipad in front of her. "Sir, the news just reported another killing. It looks like The Butcher just killed someone. I think they got a glimpse of the killer on the news." She turned the Ipad so he could see the clip. Alex watched as The Butcher moved away from sight. "Lia get some of our people on that tonight. See what our techs can do with the footage or pitchers the news puts out. Put out a message to the Primogens to see if they can get anything and look over the area for clues. Do not interfere with the police. Give them a wide birth. Wait until they live then look the crime scene over." instructed Alex.

Lia started to type the instructions out to the Primogens. Alex just looked out the window of the car watching the scenery go by thinking about what was next as they traveled. "Lia, you have our invitations?" asked Alex. Lia just smiled, "of course, I do sir," she replied. Alex was happy to have such a good assistant. They talked about some business was they traveled. Soon they arrived the long driveway was a pleasant drive. The estate was beautiful. Lia handed Alex his mask. Alex and Lia put their Masks on.

They came to a stop in front of the beautiful Victorian house. The driver got out and helped Lia get out of the car followed by Alexander. The place was impressive Alexander wondered if she would sell it to him.

Alex and Lia walk to the door it was opened and were greeted as they walk in. The Alex's looked at Lia "are we early?" he asked looking around.

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