Party Ready

"I think I'd rather poke my eyes out than go to this party." Collette called out from her bedroom.

Leon, of course, heard her she didn't have to say it particularly loud for that to be the case. He was in his own room getting ready and laughed slightly. "You know most people don't complain about going to a fancy party."

"You know it's not the party per se. Maybe I should rephrase that Je préfère me crever les yeux que de passer du temps chez Lilly." (I'd rather poke my eyes out than spend time at Lilly's house.). Collette said, then after a second asked. "Are you dressed?"

"Yes, except I could use your help with the cufflinks." Leon responded

"Good. Could you come here and zip up my dress and I'll help you?" Collette went and opened the door and in no time at all Leon was there.

He moved closer to her zipping up her dress and then she did his cufflinks. Both tasks just easier with an extra set of hands.

"You're going to be nice tonight, correct?" Leon asked.

"Of course. As long as Lilly's polite to me, I'll be polite to her. I don't want issues tonight but I don't have to like that I have to go." Collette bit her lip.

Leon shook his head, "If I have to go, so do you." Then he joked, "Do I have to order you? I can do that now."

Collette rolled her eyes and sighed before laughing. "Yeah, yeah Primogen"

Leon wasn't that kind of Primogen, really with the Nosfartu there was no need to be. With Collette even less. Collette knew if anyone of the clan got out of hand it would be dealt with but that seemed to be rarely the case with their clan.

"You look nice by the way," Leon complimented her. She really did in her blue laced dress with her matching heels.

Collette thanked him knowing he didn't give out idle compliments. She then returned the compliment also meaning it.

Just a little while later they were about to head out the door when Collette's phone chimed. Glancing at it, the text read to turn on Channel 8. It was from one of the Nos in the field (one of the informats). Collette pulled up the news and both her and Leon watched as it played out.

Colette stood there for a moment then said in Cherokee or as close as possible. "What the hell was that? I mean is it..."

Leon finished her statement, also talking in Cherokee, "...more and more like it might be a vamp. Yes but there are other things it could be. Whatever it is, it has to be found soon. I'll talk to Angelica tonight. The Giovanni could be of helpful. Also, maybe we need to find out if there are any catiffs or independents that aren't accounted for. Who did you put in charge tonight?"

"Carol," answered Collette.

"Contact her and tell her what I just said. Also add we need to figure out who's left in the Sabbat." Leon said.

Collette got on it instantly and soon enough they were actually out the door and headed to the party.

Angelica and Giorgio were attending the party together. Both had been invited. Angelica for being second to Mario. Giorgio for being an important business owner. Mario had been invited but, as was Mario's style, wasn't going. Unlike the Primogen meeting; the party was optional and Mario avoided social events anytime he could.

Angelica was in a height of fashion long red dress with a slip up the side, that was classy looking and yet accented her body perfectly. Giorgio was in a black tux as the affair was black tie and Mario always insisted that meant a tux. The two made quite the pair and then there was Giuseppe who was acting as their driver mostly and would spend much of the evening in the car. Still he had been made to get dressed to look like a chauffeur. Mario had insisted.

Giuseppe was highly uncomfortable in the outfit and was constantly pulling at it and not able to hold still very well.

Mario shook his head at Giuseppe, "I'm afraid I've let you be too lax with the dressing up. We'll have to get you used to dressing like this more."

Whatever that meant was anyone's guess. Mario wasn't exactly the nicest sire especially when it came to Giuseppe but being all his childe were blood bonded he didn't really have to be.

"Yes, Mario." Was Giuseppe's usual response as it was, once again.

Elara came running into the hallway where the Giovanni stood. "Mario, amore mio. Devi vedere questo" (Mario, my love. You need to see this.)

She handed him her tablet and showed him the news with The Butcher. He watched it and then looked up to see everyone watching him.

"Well, there isn't much we can do at the moment. Angelica, offer our special talents to the Prince if he needs them. Giorgio, be prepared your the best at talking to the dead."

*Crash* At that moment a vase in the hall fell over but no one was standing near it.

Mario looked annoyed, and his eyes met Giorgio, "Can't you keep that thing under control?"

"I'm sorry, Mario." Giorgio said. "I try but it is a spirit and there is only so much I can do."

Mario knew that was the answer but he didn't like it. "So, find out what its problem is."

Giorgio moved off to the side and sat down in a chair. Allowing himself to get relaxed so his spirit appeared to him. Both Mario and Angelica could talk to spirits but had to enter the Shadowlands to do so and that took some doing. Giovanni's limited abilities in Necromancy tended to lean more towards the raising the dead kind.

The spirit appeared before Giorgio, a teen girl maybe about 18. She was always dressed in turn of the century clothing, early 1900's. Maybe the very beginning of 1920's. Her name was Alice and she had been with Giorgio for years now. She'd cause problems but sometimes help out Giorgio. He had no idea why she had decided to haunt him as she refused to answer that question.

Giorgio, "Alice. Is something wrong?"

Alice appeared to him, then vanished, then appeared again. "Where are you going in your finery?."

"To a party." Giorgio answered. "Why did you break the vase."

"Oh, it was just an accident...maybe. I like parties." With that she vanished again.

It was annoying but the way she was sometimes

Giorgio looked at Mario, "She claims it was an accident or maybe was one. She didn't give me an answer."

Mario still looked annoyed but then said to Angelica, Giorgio and Giuseppe, "You need to go, now."

The three left for the party.

Leon and Collette arrived first, spraying themselves with the magic perfume right before stepping out if the car. They had their masks with them putting them in front of their faces before entering.

They were let in by one if Lilly's ghouls. It appeared like the woman had gotten a few extra temporary ghouls for the evening to answer the door, serve the guests, and things like that.

Angelica and Giorgio arrived soon after Leon and Collette. Angelica saw all the servant ghouls and said to Giorgio, "Lilly's been busy." Their masks also were placed in front of them before entering.

Giorgio smiled, "Well, it wouldn't be very much like Lilly to throw a party without servants."

(Meanwhile upstairs)

Hope came running into Lilly's room. "He's here."

Lilly, "Are Leon and Collette early?"

Hope shook her head, "No. I mean they've arrived but the Prince. He arrived early."

"Oh, oh...what kind of Prince arrives early? Umm..ok.. who else?" Lilly was flustered by this development.

"Other than Primogen Leon and Collette. The Giovanni Angelica and Giorgio have arrived."

"Thank you Hope." Hope left and Lilly took one last look at herself in the mirror.

Lilly made her entrance in a stunning silver evening gown. Of course, she, like her guests had a masquerade mask. Her's was handheld from a stick rather than worn on her face.

She first made her way towards Lia and The Prince, greeting them. "Mr. Williams, Miss Avaraham. Welcome to my home. Thank you for coming." She waved a ghoul servant carrying a tray over with champagne glasses full of blood. "The servants can get you whatever you want. I have procured a special selection of refreshments for those who require them. Would either of you care for anything?"

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