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The Day After Meeting the Prince

The night after meeting with the Prince and the other Primogens Adele was being attended to by Yvette, her Toreador maid. Yvette was fixing Adele's hair, nails, outfit and shoes to get her ready for her next meeting. It was an important meeting to help her establish herself with the prince by resolving an ongoing issue from the past.

Meanwhile Jack was outside watching the stars enjoying the view as a shadow figure slowly crept up from behind him. Jack's eyes noticed the shadow, but ignored it as it came from behind and he felt the sharp fingernails touch his throat as he smiled and heard a female's voice.

Inque: You see, no matter how good a boy you are, God doesn't want you! But I still do.

Jack: I missed you too Inque. You smell lovely as always.

Inque: Down boy, let the plum ripen. Are you naming all the stars?

Jack: Just looking.

Inque: I can see them. But I've named them all the same name. And there's terrible confusion.

Jack: You don't say.

Inque the beautiful, but insane Malkavian, then hugged Jack from behind as she inhaled his scent as if he was an intoxicating drug. She quivered at his scent and hugged him tighter as if she might loose him forever if she let go. Her hands slowly moved towards Jack's waist.

Jack: You know Adele is in the plantation getting ready.

Inque: Nonsense. They'll not disturb us here. My Jack's too smart to face the Judge again.

Jack: I am no one's hero Inque.

Inque: What a poster child for soulfulness you are! This is no life, Jack. Before you got neutered, you just weren't any vampire, you were a legend. Nobody could keep up with you. Not even me. And you don't learn that kind of hunger. It's innate. It was in you before we ever met. And you said you can smell me? Well, I can smell you too. And my boy is still in there and he wants out.

Jack: You make it sound so simple.

Inque: But you "CAN" escape. You can escape it all. Remember what it's like to get lost, huh? Every thought a million miles away, every part of your being alive! All you have to do is let me give you one little moment of happiness.

Jack: Which "you" are we discussing?

Inque: All of us. But I'm still me. I remember everything, Jack. Everything we did, everything we can do.

Jack: So you say.

Inque: Oh, you bet your sweet plums it was! There was a time, in the early years, when you would have said I was the definition of bliss! Adele wasn't happiness. She was just new! I understand, alright. Guy gets taste of something fresh, and he thinks he's touching God. When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They're in everything you do. They're in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because their nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don't think they're perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don't frighten you away; in fact you love them more for it, because you don't want perfect. You want them. People were made up of all sorts of different bits. Funny bits and romantic bits and selfish bits and brave bits. Sometimes you saw only a few of them. Maybe it was when you saw them all that you realized you knew someone really well.

Jack: We tried that once and you left me behind remember? Are you being serious?

Inque: Yeah, tis like a heart attack. And just about as much fun. My mummy used to sing me to sleep at night. Run and catch the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch. She had the sweetest voice... What will you mummy sing when they find your body?

Jack: She already thinks I'm dead. You know that.

Inque: Don’t remain silent about what you want, or you may never get it.

Jack You are very wise.

Inque: Well, I actually saw that on a mug. Mugs in this world are very wise.

Jack: I see. I stand corrected.

Inque: I'll give you a seed if you sing.

Jack: If it will make you smile again......I will.

Inque: Seeing you makes my heart pain with pins and needles.

Jack: Me too.

Inque then slid an envelope into Jack's jacket in a seductive manner. She wanted to bite his neck, but backed off as she put her forehead to his spine and sighed.

Jack: Some thing wrong?

Inque: Tis wrong to want forbidden fruit, yet I ache for it.

Then Inque slowly backed off till she vanished. Jack remained still as he looked at the stars before he spoke up.

Jack: What? No goodbye kiss?

However he never got a response. His relationship with the Malkavian named Disappearing Inque was unusual in that it appeared as a forbidden affair that was on the verge of happening, but never did. When he needed help, she would help him in odd ways, but mostly with information to give him an edge over his enemies. As he looked at the envelope, he read the contents and it was a very thorough report on the Gangrel activity in New Orleans. Even the Nosferatu would be jealous of the details. However Adele only tolerated Jack's relationship with Inque, since it was fruitless and she provided him with great intelligence, despite being insane.

After a while Jack made his way back to the plantation and had a meeting with Adele as they discussed their plan for dealing with the Gangrel so it benefitted Adele and the Prince. Once things were settled Adele, Jack and Yvette entered the limo and drove to the Gangrel hideout which was an old run down bar in the middle of nowhere. The bar was the last remains of a neighborhood that got wiped out in the great flood. Since the Gangrel were poor they could not afford a fancy life like the other clans, which only added fuel to the fire that was their relationship with them on top of the recent clan war where they were hunted by the former Prince.

The ride was long and quiet as they drove on the silent street with no lighting. Yvette was prepping two automatic shotguns with phosphorus rounds in it. It was several hours later that they arrived at the run down bar that was surrounded by choppers and old bikes. Yvette was a bit nervous as she got out of the limo and helped Adele gracefully exit the limo from one side as Jack got out on the other side. Jack popped his neck and fingers as he was ready to fight hand to hand.

Adele: Jack please stick to the plan. I hate to waste this opportunity.

Jack: As you wish.

Then they casually entered the bar and the rowdy Gangrel bikers stopped along with the music as they were shocked to see two rich snobs and their maid come in without permission. The leader named Eddie Guzman aka the Machete stood up from his table and began talking trash to Adele, Yvette and Jack. Then Eddie told Jack to leave the women behind so they could play with them and run away if he wanted to live. This made the Gangrel bikers laugh at Jack and drop their guards.

Jack used that moment to quickly grab and hurl the nearby tables at the Gangrel bikers to injure them so he could rush up to Eddie who was reaching for his pistol. However Jack quickly disarmed Eddie and hit him in the sternum to injure him before he pummeled him harshly. Some of the Gangrel got up in a staggering motion to fight again and stopped when Adele shot a table with her phosphorous round and left the remains on fire. Adele then stopped Jack so she could talk to the busted up Eddie. Jack then dragged the limp Eddie to Adele as she pointed the shotgun to his chest to get his attention. Using her charms and cold hard logic she made the Gangrel an offer they could not refuse under penalty of death.

Eddie: Do it puta! Finish the job your boss didn't!

Adele: Such a filthy mouth. If you don't behave I may have to clean it.

Eddie: We ain't no slaves to your Camerllia no more!

Adele: I know, but your actions as a reckless biker gang have been causing us some problems.

Eddie: What else can we do? You snobs took everything from us!

Adele: That is why I am here.

Eddie: To finish us off?

Adele: To undo what was done to you in the past. You see I came to negotiate with you but you decided to get violent first. So I had Jack calm you all down so you will listen to my offer.

Eddie: What offer?

Adele: After the war with the Sabbat our numbers have been weakened to the point the old ones are rare these days. We are left with mostly neophytes these days with little understanding on how the world works. Now if you play ball I am willing to helping you establish your own legal business to help rebuild your clan once more. However the choice is still yours, but we can't have any loose cannons running around causing us problems.

Eddie: So what? You plan on putting us in a suit and expecting us to be your bodyguards?

Adele: Oh heaven's no. I already have Jack as my bodyguard.

Eddie: Yeah yeah. So what then?

Adele: I designed a business opportunity that caters to your skills and experiences. I will loan you money to build a Gator Farm, a Rocktober Biker Rally and a March Biker Rally. The rallies will be seasonal, but they will bring in millions of dollars to New Orleans which will help us all rebuild together.

Eddie was shocked by Adele's offer since it was something within their skill level that they could handle once they had the money to build it. Their Gangrel skills to deal with wild animals was a common thing and gator meat was very pricey so they could easily rake in big profits without having to risk dealing with dangerous situations. Then a few biker rallies would be fun and profitable. They were tired of living on meager profits and were open to the idea, but Eddie had more questions since he didn't trust Adele.

Eddie continued to ask about the details of the loans, territory, property ownership, staffing, meat markets, buildings, permits and so on till he was satisfied with her offer. Adele would provide all the money to begin the business and put them under Eddie's company name and in return they would pay her ten percent of their profits yearly till the loan was paid off. Once the loan was paid off they were free from her obligations, but still had to work with the Prince. Eddie found the offer much better than extermination so he agreed and to meet with her at a bank the next night to sign all the documents, set up his account with the loan of five million dollars deposited in it. Since vampires lived a long time the time of the loan was not an issue. Adele also had Eddie meet with the contractors who would be building the gator farm and biker rally place near each other. After a lot of back and forth Eddie was finally happy with the results of both designs and paid the contractor to begin building.

The next few days Eddie and his clan were overseeing the progress of the new buildings and fences to keep the gators in. Naturally the contractors ran into a few issues but they worked around them with the help of Eddie and his gang. Then one day Eddie got an invitation to a fancy party from Adele which told him he would meet the Prince there. The letter also had a package with it that had a leather biker themed suit made just for him so he would be comfortable. Eddie was amused that a Toreador would go this far for him and he was indebted to her.

Day of Lilly's Party

In the limo Adele received a face time call from her ghoul Elvira. Elvira was at the studio in between video shoots for her late night bad B rated monster movie series. Elvira told her about the news of the night killer and even showed her some footage. Adele was annoyed by this as she looked at Jack to make some phone calls on dealing with the situation. Jack called some investigators to gather info on the killer in case it was a kindred or monster. Every now and then they had a similar issue with an insane kindred who could not handle being a vampire.

When they arrived at Lilly's plantation Yvette helped Adele out of the limo as Jack exited the other side as usual. Adele was wearing a black and red sequence ball gown and mask that showed her lushes curves. Yvette was in her maid costume with a maid mask and Jack was dressed in a black sharkskin suit with a black dragon mask. As they closed the doors Eddie arrive on his new chopper in a fancy leather back suit. They greeted each other as Eddie put on his black wolf mask to hide his nervous expression. Then Jack led the way as they knocked on the door and entered.

Tag (Eddie is there to greet the Prince)

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