Who is Jack?

Mr. Williams and Lia walk to the door it was opened and were greeted. As they walk in and are greeted by one of Lilly's ghouls. It appeared like the Lilly had gotten a few extra temporary ghouls for the evening to answer the door, serve the guests, and do things like that. The servant ghoul "Lilly's will be down shortly ." Mr. Williams just gave a nod to the Ghoul. Mr. Williams did not think of much of Ghouls they were good as servants but not much else. Lia turned to the prince and made sure his tux was straight. Lia herself was in an elegant black dress that accented Mr. Williams tux. They matched perfectly.

Lia straightened Mr. Williams mask then her own mask. "There you are ready. Now the games begin, Mr. Williams. Try to play nice with everyone." Lia said almost joking. Mr. Williams gave a nod to Lia. "I am a bit nervous. It has been a little while since I have had to be this social in any setting. You know that was how the last Prince lost his job." said Mr. Williams. Lia smiled I will be here and you could probably kill anyone here before I could. Then they would have to deal with the elders and no wants that." said Lia reassuringly. Mr. Williams looked past Lia "Here she comes." The Prince stepped past Lia who just turned around and was a few steps back. Mr. Williams knew Lilly from the briefing that Lia had given him on the way over with some information on others as well.

Lilly first made her way towards Lia and The Prince, greeting them. "Mr. Williams, Miss Avaraham. Welcome to my home. Thank you for coming." She waved a ghoul servant carrying a tray over with champagne glasses full of blood. "The servants can get you whatever you want. I have procured a special selection of refreshments for those who require them. Would either of you care for anything?"

"Thank you, I think I might have a glass. Mr. Williams pick the one that felt would be the best choice. "It seems we had are times mix up," Mr. Williams said glancing back. Then look back at Lilly "I apologize for being early I hope we did not inconvenience you." Mr. Williams said apologetically.

Then Jack led the way as they knocked on the door and entered. The ghouls like all guests led them to the greeting room. Mr. Williams saw another guest arrive and was led to the room. He had not seen him before. He glanced back. Lia got close to him "Sir, Mr. Jack Gomez." He smiled. "Thank you, Lia. No need to introduce us, Miss. Foster. I would like to see what he does," said Mr. Williams.

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