The Tremere

Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette was trying to stay calm as her female clan minions were helping her get dressed for Lily's party. Meanwhile her male clan minions were busy working on fixing the tour bus. A few old parts needed to be replaced at the last minute, just in time to ruin her day. She was trying to stay calm knowing she was going to be late. Outside the minions were working hard as they were covered in grease and oil as they were fixing up the Voodoo Tour Bus. After the war they were strapped for cash and if not for Erykah they would have been at the end of their ropes. She organized the Voodoo Shows, Haunted Tours and small restaurants to keep them in business as well as the magic tools they sold to the other clans. Sadly their expenses were high compared to their profits so they could not afford good quality vehicles yet.

Hopefully the addition of Mira could help the Tremere Clan out of the hole faster. Then as Erykah was about to blow her lid the minions calmed her down with the sound of a running engine. She exhaled as she calmed down and called for her driver to take her to the party as she collected her invitation. The ride was a bit bumpy but eventually they arrived at Lily's Plantation. Erykah told her driver to stay with the bus as she exited the bus and made her way to the door while fashionably late. She rang the door bell and was let in with a smile.


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