Pins And Needles

"Thank you, I think I might have a glass. Mr. Williams pick the one that felt would be the best choice. "It seems we had are times mix up," Mr. Williams said glancing back. Then look back at Lilly "I apologize for being early I hope we did not inconvenience you." Mr. Williams said apologetically.

Then Jack led the way as they knocked on the door and entered. The ghouls like all guests led them to the greeting room. Mr. Williams saw another guest arrive and was led to the room. He had not seen him before. He glanced back. Lia got close to him "Sir, Mr. Jack Gomez." He smiled. "Thank you, Lia. No need to introduce us, Miss. Foster. I would like to see what he does," said Mr. Williams.

Jack entered the Plantation first as he looked graceful and smiled as he looked around and grabbed two wine glasses of blood of the tray of a server.

Jack replied to the Prince with a bow.

Jack I present to you Primogen Adele Bordeaux and Eddie Guzman.

Then he turned to look at Adele and Eddie and handed them the glasses with a slight bow. Adele smiled at Jack and nodded in return. Eddie copied Adele and gave a nod at Jack before Jack stepped to the side to let Adele and Eddie approach the Prince. Then Jack grabbed two more wine glasses of blood and gave one to Yvette as he sipped it. Adele and Eddie approached the Prince as Adele smiled elegantly and Eddie seemed nervous. Adele then gave the Prince a graceful bow and tapped Eddie's back as he remembered to bow to the Prince nervously.

Adele: Its good to see you again Mr. Williams. This is Eddie Guzman, also known as Machete among his peers. He is the new Primogen of the Gangrel and has agreed to work with us in rebuilding New Orleans. Right Eddie?

Eddie was nervous and was again late on the que from Adele before he replied.

Eddie: Uh yeah I am working with Adele on some business stuff.

Adele: So I hope Mr. Williams will accept the Gangrel graciously as I have.

Eddie seemed nervous as he was not sure what the Prince would say. However he noticed that Adele seemed very confident that things would work out.

Then behind them Erykah came in and approached the Prince in a fancy Voodoo robe.

Erykah: Greeting Mr. Williams. I am Primnogen Erykah Baduvof the Tremere.


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