Not Such Small Talk

"Thank you, I think I might have a glass. Mr. Williams pick the one that felt would be the best choice. "It seems we had are times mix up," Mr. Williams said glancing back. Then look back at Lilly "I apologize for being early I hope we did not inconvenience you." Mr. Williams said apologetically.

"Oh, of course not." Lilly would never tell a Prince that he inconvenienced her and really hadn't been that early

Then Jack led the way as they knocked on the door and entered. The ghouls like all guests led them to the greeting room. Mr. Williams saw another guest arrive and was led to the room. He had not seen him before. He glanced back. Lia got close to him "Sir, Mr. Jack Gomez." He smiled. "Thank you, Lia. No need to introduce us, Miss. Foster. I would like to see what he does," said Mr. Williams.

Going by what the Prince said, she gave him a polite nod and figured the others might want to talk to him. "I hope you enjoy yourselves. Please let me know if you need anything." She moved away gracefully giving a polite nod the Adele and Eddie and anyone else who she crossed paths with.

Figuring she might as well get it over with she made her way to greet the people she least wanted to.

Leon and Collette sipped some blood as they looked around the room. It was a very formal greeting area. A parlor really but a larger sized one. It had antiques in her. An antique brass chandelier hung over head given just off enough light to light up the room fairly well remain softer and not harsh. There were some antique furniture. Chairs, tables, a curio cabinet full of figurines that were also probably antique and worth a small fortune. A fireplace with an elaborately carved mantel. All the pieces of furniture seemed to be carved from Antique Mahogany. The mantel held brass candlestick holders that seemed to match the chandelier if not excately as elaborate. On the walls held oil paintings; 4 of them. New Orleans; the French Quarter in each season, probably dating to the 1800's by the street scene.

Leon noticed Lilly approaching, he spoke quietly and in Cherokee to Collette, "Lilly's headed our way. Remember what I said."

Collette replied in Cherokee, "I will."

Lilly nodded towards Leon as she approached. "Greetings Primogen." She put on the fakest smile possible as she looked at Collette, "Collette." Returning her attention back to Leon. "I'm pleased you could attend."

"Thank you for inviting us." Leon replied.

When Collette remained silent he glanced her way. Collette took a breath and said, "Yes, thank you."

Leon continued taking to Lilly, "You have quite the collection. Who did those paintings of New Orleans?"

Lilly seemed suddenly pleased, "Thank you. The paintings? Oh, they are antiques from painted circa 1850 by Antoine Mondelli. Have you heard of him?"

Leon was too gracious to laugh at the question so be just answere, "Yes, I actually knew him."

"You knew him?" Lilly was clearly intrigued.

"We grew up in the same area of France. He was a good guy to hang out with. Could drink and party with the best of them." Leon said.

Lilly was shocked that Leon knew an artist of such caliber. Maybe she shouldn't have been considering how old he was but still. "Rumor has it he was turned."

"He was," Leon explained "but I doubt he'll ever come back to New Orleans."

Lilly then said, "Well, I sometimes go to France. could....set up a meeting."

"No," Said Leon. "You wouldn't like it."

"Why not? I mean I'm sure he must have been turned into a Toredor." Lilly was completely aghast that Leon had told her no but he outranked her so there was nothing to do about it.

Leon sipped some blood, "He's not a Toredor. He was turned into a Tzimisce."

Lilly was clearly flustered by this news. "He's a ....?" Sabbat was the word that didn't cross her lips.

Leon nodded but said nothing.

Lilly quickly recovered as she had an image to maintain. "Well, I have others to greet. Enjoy the refreshments. We will be moving to the ballroom shortly."

With that Lilly wandered off towards more guests.

Collette had been watching this exchange as she sipped her drink and remained silent. Once Lilly had left though she spoke up again, "What was that about?"

Leon shrugged, "Don't know."

"Should I find out?" Collette asked.

Leon was as into getting information as any Nosfartu but Collette's obsession with it was greater.

Leon figured this conversation needed to be tabled for later, "We'll discuss it later."

"But I..." Collette started.

Leon gave her a disapproving look. "Later."

That was the end of that discussion but didn't stop Colette from giving the slightest pouting look on her face.

Leon shook his head and smiled at her,

She couldn't hold the fake pout for very long though and smiled back at him.

Leon had glanced over to see the Giovanni weren't particularly busy at the moment. He motioned for Collette to come with him and she did.

Leon greeted the Giovanni, "Angelica. Giorgio."

Angelica and Giorgio greeted Leon and Collette. "Primogen. Colette."

"Please, Leon is fine." The Nosfartu had little issues with the Giovanni. Leon knew that Angelica and Giorgio knew when it was appropriate to use his title or not. He didn't give Lilly the same courtesy because it was Lilly.

Angelica gave Leon a smile. "Leon then. We were going to come speak with you and offer our special services to the Prince and you."

"Well, that is luck then." Leon said. "We came over to ask you about that." He paused. "So, which one of you?"

Giorgio spoke up, "I can speak to the dead the easiest. So, I'd start and Angelica can pierce the veil into the Shadowlands. So, she could be back up."

Leon nodded, "That could be useful. Will Mario get us into the morgue?"

Angelica nodded, "I believe so. It was our idea to offer our services."

"Very good, " Leon responded.

The four of them continued to chat, when Quinn was announced as having arrived.

Angelica rolled her eyes. "Brujah's!" She muttered under her breath

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