Sheriff Jai is in town

JP by redsword and LSP

Jai awoke the next night wishing for another night to rest. It wasn't so much that he needed it, he was just tired of being on the move, the last job had taken a ton of planning and coordination, not just for himself but among other groups he wasn't fully familiar with. Eventually, though he got in gear. Throwing on a pair of jeans a black t-shirt his tac-vest and a black hoodie. He made his way to meet with the prince. The faster he got this debrief out of the way the sooner he could get to work on the next task. The job was what Jai enjoyed not the 'paperwork'. Soon he arrived at the Prince's hotel, The Lion's Den. As per usual Jai was patted down, and any weapons he had on his person were removed until he left. Jai was escorted through the lobby, rode the elevator to the top floor, and to a large set of doors that lead to a large office. "Sir," Jai said waiting for a step inside the door to be addressed and motioned to sit.

Jai had no problem seeing everyone was on edge. The security was heavy. Even the servants were scarce. Jai was escorted through the hotel something that did not normally happen. Jai could see normal and Vampier guards everywhere. Jai was checked at every point three times by the time he got to the office of the prince. Alex was sitting in his office as Lia walked in. Lia waited for Ales to look up from some papers he was looking at. "yes Lia, what can I do for you." Alex asked. Lia smiled at him she knew he has been stressed over the Aurora incident. Even bringing it up in front of him without any good news or information could bring his wrath. "Sheriff Jai is here for his appointment with you Mr. Williams," informed Lia.

"Sir," Jai said. "Is now a bad time for my report?" he asked. "If now is a bad time I can come back later, if now is fine I can always give the short version and you can look over the more detailed version of events in my write up." Jai offered. Since he could tell things were a mess, figuratively speaking. Not to mention he know more was coming his way, given the files he'd gotten and one other happening in the city.

Alex looked up at Jai. " Now is Fine Mr. Jai, Take a seat," Alex said and motioned to a chair in front of his desk. Would like anything to drink?" asked Alex. Jai had been the Sheriff for a while now and did a good job at it. and now he needed him more than ever with Aurora missing and the Bucher running around the city. Things were not looking good. He was worried that the council would think things were out of control for Alex. he did not need an Elder Vampier coming into town that normally does not end well for anyone.

"No, I'm fine but thank you," Jai responded before taking a seat. "We can start with the short version and you can ask any questions you feel are needed. The night I arrived I spoke with another local sheriff and explained the situation, following that I did observation, once I was aware of openings I exploited them, hitting them when they could least expect it." Jai told Alex. "Once I'd rounded them all up I ensured they could never repeat the slight."

"Good I look forward to the full report," replied Alex. Letting out a sigh Alex let his guard down for a second. Alex showed his tress and was down a bit. The regained his composure and got a serious look on his face. " Have you heard about Aurora? She was taken from the ice skating ring and we do not know of her whereabouts," said Alex. leaning forward some now his expression now more like irritation.

"I will have it to you as soon as I can finish the details," Jai responded. At the mention of Aurora being missing Jai's face did little to show he even knew the name. "I do not know if I recall that name," Jai responded. "How, and when was she taken?" he said leaning forward his nose for investigation tickled.

"Yesterday. Aurora is my new ah...... child. I am very fond of her you could say we are dating. I think this is stealing from Me and I want her back. We don't have any leads. I have a report here of what we have so far. You have of course full access to all information needed for the investigation. I would like the people responsible for this to bring them before me alive. if passable." explained the Prince. His tone was of anger people could see he was a little stressed about the whole thing.

"Understood," Jai replied. "I can promise to make great attempts to give them to you alive, but if they come at me I can't promise they will be brought back in one piece," he added. Jai stood up from his chair, "Sir, I will get started right away." he said, taking the file from the desk. "Keep in touch if any new information comes to light, I will be in touch as well when I finish reading the file and have a moment to think about it."

"Thank you, You know time is important with a kidnapping. I have confidence in you to get the job dun. and welcome back Jai." replied the Prince.

"Thank you, Sir. I will get to work right away." Jai said returning to the door. Before being escorted out. He knew he had to work fast.

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