Meeting The Enemy

JP with Lily and Cindy

Aurora was bound in chains to a steel chair that was bolted to the floor. She couldn't move and being a young vampire meant she didn't have the ability to break them as they were magically reinforced.

The old casino had been shut down for many years. A hurricane, which had devastated the city, had completely flooded and damaged the building.

The kidnappers had carried the new Ventrue to the fifth floor. The ground floor would have been obvious, then again maybe the token left at the rink might have been as well.

The real kidnapper hadn't told the Malkavians to leave anything so obvious but should have known better than to think they wouldn't improvise.

One of the kidnappers sat in front of the young woman. His face was triangular in shape, large horns grew from his head. He lacked any hair.

His body was tall and on the thinner side.

As Aurora awoke, the Tzimisce stared at her with black eyes.

"Hello, Aurora Korry." The strange looking vampire greeted her. "I am Levi of the Clan Tzimisce. You will be our guest for the foreseeable future."

Levi's voice was so calm, it came across as sinister.

"Let me go," Aurora growled and showed her fangs. The look in her eyes was pure terror. How the hell had this monster gotten past her guards? Where was Alex?

"When Alex finds out you're dead," She hissed as she tried desperately to get free.

"Oh, stop struggling. The chains have been magically reinforced and I know you're not immune to magic." Levi grinned showing his own, rather long fangs.

"Tsk, tsk. You think your precious Alex is any match for a Tzimisce. I wonder how he would look..." Levi's voice trailed off but it was clear whatever he was thinking about doing to Alex, was evil.

"Have you not heard of my clan, young one? Did your Sire not tell you of us? My, my I am offended."

His angular, odd face got very close to Aurora. Making it easier to see his unhuman his features. His skin was more pure white, than flesh tones. A very small slit of white could only be seem looking closely into his eyes. A set of semi-transparent lizard like eyes darted across his black spears. Then a set of human eye lids binked normally.

"We make the best horror stories."

"He is the Prince you will be in trouble for messing with me," Aurora snapped. She glared at the man.

"You're no match for him" She hissed then tried to spit in his face. Who the hell did this creep think he was? She used her dominant skill once again without really knowing what she was doing.

"What the hell do you even want?!" She screamed and tried to bite him when he leaned in close.

"He's your Prince. He is not my Prince, not the Prince of the Tzimisce. Certainly you have heard of the Sabbat. We don't follow the rules of the impostors."

"You really think your Alex is more powerful than I?"

Levi snickered at her feeble attempt at Dominate. "Do not hurt yourself, child. It's much better to let the professionals handle that."

When she asked what he wanted and tried to bite him, Levi moved away so quickly it was almost like he had jumped from one place to another. One moment he was in front of Aurora, the next he was back on his own chair out of reach of her.

"What I want is a picture. At least for the moment."

Levi picked up what looked like an old walkie-talkie, and spoke into it.

"She's ready."

"Lowles monsters" Aurora shot back. The anger, clear. Something, almost like a fire, seemed to dance behind her bright blue eyes.

"What? I have not done anything. How can you have me changed like an animal?" She hissed.

"Go to hell" She screamed then spit at Levi.

Levi thought it funny that Aurora considered monster to be an insult.

"Oh, you're just the bait."

With that a group of several other odd looking vampires came in. They all looked otherworldly. Some had scales, tails, one had eyes that kept flipping from purple to green. A few had bumps all over their body.

One that was covered in red scales, with long black hair and pointed ears, reached her long spindly arms towards Aurora and put a gag on the Venture.

Two of them lifted Aurora in the chair. They carried her over near the window.

The view from the window was one of the water, some docks and a few tall buildings in the background. One of which had a giant M on it.

Aurora was turned so she faced into the room and the chair was put down.

Levi stood next to her with a newspaper in hand, displaying the front page.

And in big letters, written in bright red lettering was the words - COME FIND ME.

"Smile for the camera," Levi snickered

Click. Flash. A buzzing noise came from the old instant Polaroid camera.

No one said anything for a few minutes, not until the picture was developed.

Levi picked up the picture, looked at it for a moment and handed it to one of the other vampires.

"Send it." Levi said, then turned and addressed Aurora again. "You must need to eat by now."

The same female Tzimisce that had gagged Aurora now removed the gag. She then nodded towards Levi and left the room.

"That was Joyce, she'll be back with blood in a moment." Levi sounded like it was just another day, like kidnapping the childe of the Prince was no big deal.

"You don't even know what kind of blood I drink,'' Aurora said. She was starting to feel hungry but she knew the wrong kind of blood would make her really sick.

"Why are you even doing this?" She said.

By this point she had started shaking. Tears formed in her eyes. She shut them right to hide it. "Let me go," She whispered.

"I believe your taste is the blood of strong, dominant men," Levi paused, "Do you think we kidnapped you without knowing everything about you? You gave us ampel opportunity to do so when you snuck out and went to Gomorrah, on your own."

"You're just a pawn in a much larger game of chess. A game which has gone on for centuries." Levi's voice had hints of a possibly once British accent but the vernacular used was far more American, a tad old fashioned in parts, but still American. Making it difficult to place his origins.

"Ah, here it is. Room service." Levi spoke those words a split second before Joyce arrived back with a few containers of blood.

The blood bags had different colored straws on them, while the two current colors were only blue and red, it hinted of a much larger system.

Aurora would know, if she had paid attention to the blood bags she normally drank from, the bags the Tzimisce were using were not from Quinn.

The red straw bags were given to Levi. The others were brought by Joyce to Aurora.

"Joyce will help you. Now, open up and drink. You wouldn't enjoy frenzying." Levi calmly said.

"How the hell do you know that? What do you even want?" Aurora growled.

"I'm not drinking out of those. They did not come from a usual source so how do I know they have not been tampered with?" She said glaring at him. She could tell it was the kind of blood she drank from the smell but was not about to trust this lunatic.

Levi didn't respond to her question about how he knew. Unseasoned Vampires.

"Drink it or we'll have to make you." The words came a bit more forcefully, as more of a command.

"Like hell. You can't keep me here. I'm the child of the Prince " She snapped. She remembered being taught something that let her see vampires for who they were. She used it now.

"Being the Childe of The Prince, is exactly why you're here." Levi instantly retreated back to the calm demeanor he had. "Now, eat or would you like to see what happens when we get forceful."

Levi's aura was red, purple, light blue. There were flashes of black and green. Black veins ran through the colors. A halo of bright silver encased the entire thing.

"You're obsessed, hateful, and angry. Why? For what reason" Aurora asked.

Once again, Levi ignored her question. Instead he pulled out one of his own disiplines and dominated Aurora to force her to drink the blood.

He was far better at Dominate than the young Ventrue. If Aurora tried to resist it would be useless.

Aurora drank the blood the entire time glaring at levi.

"Answer my question," Aurora growled and tried again to dominate Levi. This time doing so more intentionally.

Levi just shook his head at her feeble attempt. "Apparently, your Sire hasn't taught you much, has he? You cannot Dominate me. I'm much older than you. It's just wasted energy to try."

" It's my energy to waste. Answer my question, what do you want with Alex?" She snapped.

"We have our reasons," Levi said. "Now, that you're done feeding. It's time to go on a little trip."

Levi pulled out a small box, containing an indigo colored powder which almost looked like colored confectioners sugar.

He put some into his hand and blew it into her face causing it to get into her throat.

A moment later Aurora fell unconscious.

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