Aurora's Host

Levi watched Aurora sleep. She was a feisty one. Good. The ones with spirit were always so much more fun.

Her blonde hair shifted slightly as the young Ventrue shifted her head. Probably dreaming. If the ingredients for the powder had been calculated correctly her dreams should be pleasant. If not, he expected screaming at any moment. Either way she wouldn't awaken until tomorrow night.

What fun would be to acquire a new toy and not experiment on it, just a tad?

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, what some might call a pleasant looking face. He supposed someone like the Prince might find the normality of her looks to be attractive.

What Levi wouldn't give to be able to reshape this one. Just a movement of bone here, a stretch of skin there. It was just a thought though - the instructions of what to do with her had been made abundantly clear.

The van that read Draco Moving and Storage on the side stopped and the backdoor slide upward. They had arrived at their next location. Levi and several other Tzimisce jumped out of the back. One flung Aurora over his shoulder.

"Take to the 6th floor, Room 630 should be set up for our guest. Make sure to use the chains." Levi said

The other Tzimisce grunted and headed off with Aurora, his thick, ridged tail following behind.

The hospital had been abandoned for years, word had it was haunted but, not being a Giovanni, Levi didn't know if the rumors were true. Maybe, he should kidnap one of them, someday and find out.

6th floor it was, off to the stairs he went followed by the rest of the Tzimisce.

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