The Taken Part 1

OOC: JP with Lily and Jaxx

(Song playing in the background

When Aurora was done skating she headed to the locker room to shower and change. The guards had checked the rink and locker room area before she entered. Believing she was alone her guard was low.

Her guard was totally down and she was completely lost singing along to the song still playing on repeat in her head.

While the unsuspecting Aurora was in the locker room in her own little world she failed to notice a scent coming from the air conditioner vent above her. It was a pleasant scent even though it was barely noticeable. Rather like the remains of lingering perfume after the wearer left the room. The subtle scent would eventually make Aurora relaxed, comfortable and sleepy in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile she was being watched from the shadows.

Aurora did not think much of dealing tired. After a work out like that it was normal. Well it was normal when she was human she had forgotten that she was no longer human.

Eventually Aurora began to slowly sway to the music in an awkward motion. Her body was now being affected by the scent filling the air as she collapsed onto the floor. She lay motionless for a minute then from the shadows emerged several figures wearing black hooded robes wearing black "Plague Masks". They slowly approached Aurora and looked at her. After a bit of silent arm poking they got one of the figures in black to poke her with a hockey stick to see if she would move. After several pokes, they were sure Aurora was out cold and then looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Then they brought a body bag out and proceeded to put Aurora in the body bag and carry her through the vents, till they could get to the back of the building. It was humorous to see the silent figures in black looking clumsy as they leap from the vents to the floor while keeping Aurora safe from falling to the floor. Then they opened the back door to escape. Sadly this caught the attention of a passing guard as he yelled at the last figure in black. The last figure looked at the guard as he bolted.
The guards chased the figure in black over walls and through alley ways and eventually lost track of them. Then from a nearby alleyway they spotted the figure race out and gave chase to them till they lost them as well. This continued several more times as the guards were led on several chases around the nearby city as they found and lost the suspect. By the time they lost them for good they got a call from the other guards that Aurora was missing. After looking for clues they managed to a coin to an old casino place that was closed down.


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