I live for this!

Once again Alex was busy with matters she could not help with so she went to the ice rink. She had her guards this time having learned her lesson from the last time she snuck out. Though she had instructed her guards to stay hidden. She wanted to interact in a normal mater. She did not want to be treated with respect only because she was related to the prince.

This slow-paced life was still driving her insane. She could not stand to be still. But here on the ice she found a semblance of peace. Though this two was starting to frustrated her. She had been practicing this routine for goodness knows how long and it still was not right. Probably did not help she was writing it as she went.

Eventually, she left the ice and found a bench to sit at. She needed to takes brake and rethink her routine.

After her brake she put on a song and started to skate for fun. She loved this and when she went loose and simply enjoys the music the world fell away and nothing mattered.

( the song playing https://youtu.be/agiaVndqb6E)

When she has finished she headed to the locker room to shower and change. Her guards had checked the area before she entered. She believed she was alone.

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