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A job

Jai turned the key in the lock of his small apartment for the first time in nearly 2 and a half months. The last job had taken considerable time and resources, though it was necessary. The Spartan nature of the single bedroom apartment was a welcome sight. The places he'd been staying weren't 'lavish' but not far off. Another necessity of the job. Being uptown was required.

Jai had been tasked with removing some holdouts from the previous regime. Some higher level members of the old Prince's inner circle. Their individual crimes against The Elders mattered little. Jai was given a list of sorts, but relative to the job only committed the names to memory. If it was a dead or alive situation it may have mattered more but this was a clean up job. Judge Jury Executioner.

It had taken a fair bit of convincing with both interested parties to allow some grace time between his deployment and being given that task. His reasoning was allow them time to get sloppy. Think they were safe. They wouldn't be on edge and risk getting away again. Then he watched them. Learning the patterns. He spoke with the Sheriff of Tampa explaining his job. Once he had everyone he needed out of his way, on the bench so to speak it was time.

It took planning, situational awareness and adaptability. Jai knew their schedules, their habits, and behaviors, even some of the odder one's ticks. Six well guarded, well intergraded into the hierarchy of the city Vampires and roughly eight hours to do it, give or take. But speed was key. He couldn't let enough time pass for word to get out and someone to end up in a panic room.

The plan was simply really, though some might call it sadistic. "You want an omelette you need to break some eggs." He'd set up most of it the previous two nights. All that was missing was the party guests.

One hour after sunset Jai began to put on his gear. Ultralight bullet proof vest, Tactical Harness, black turtleneck, jacket and pants, black tac gloves, combat boots. He was ready.

The night was an eventful, bloody thrill. It wasn't often that Jai was allowed to cut loose fully. He wasn't some rabid dog but from time to time he missed being allowed to do a job.
Around the eight and a half hour mark the rear door to a panel truck slid open with an echoing squeak, bathing five figures in the blinding light of a street lamp. "I'm sure you all have so much to catch up on." Jai said tossing the final passenger into the back.

Jai had learned how to tie up someone strong, it was all about the angles you pushed the limps into. No matter how strong you were if you couldn't leverage the joints in your body against the rope just right you couldn't flex out no matter how hard you tried. He'd done it six times tonight.

Jai drove out of the city, far out. He wouldn't have long to beat sunrise but he was where he needed to be. One by one he dragged the 'party guest' into an open area, save for the six large wooden crosses sunken into the ground. Not to far off from an abandoned house, with a caving in roof. A perfect view of the night sky, it's inky black starting to turn a deep purple. One by one Jai lashed them each to their own cross.

"Well." he said looking at them. Each wore varying expressions. Some anger, some confusion. Jai looked down at his watch pressing a button that cause it to glow faintly. A small grin etched itself on his face, and all six other faces expression shifted to realization. "Enjoy the sunrise." he said, before climbing back into the truck. He waited there, until he had to close the door for his own safety. Letting the screams be a lullaby. The following night he awoke, removed the chains and ropes from the crosses, and placed them back in the truck. After he pulled the crosses from the ground, threw them in the old house and set it ablaze. To strange to find crosses with nail shaped scratch mars on them. After he knew the blaze would stick he started the trip home.

Re-entering his home he pulled his phone from his pocket and send the Prince a message. It was short and simple. "Job Done. Debrief Tomorrow."

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