Colette's Return

The night after Leon's surveillance, he had picked up Colette at the airport. As they drove off, he noticed his progeny was quieter than usual.

"So, what happened in Seattle?" The Primogen asked after the silence grew long.

"Sabbat," Colette responded.

One word, especially that word might have been enough but she went on. "They are closer to a war there than anyone realizes."

Leon nodded. They both knew how bad that could be, there was no need for comment.

"Well, I need to fill you in on what's going on here and I have a job for you." Leon shifted to business mode to get both their minds off the impending problems their friends would be facing.

"Alright," Colette listened intently as Leon filled her in.

The Primogen went on to say that he needed her to check out the file on the woman he had seen.

A few hours later they were both in Gomorrah, downstairs in the information office.

Colette got out the file, given what she had been told it should have been thicker but it was quite thin.

Not much of interest, either.

Abigail St. Claire
Clan: Malkavian
Occupation: Owner St. Clare's Bookstore

Apparently this woman had not much life outside that. She was never spotted at clubs, never caused any problems.

The picture of the woman seemed as unassuming as her personality.

There was a note, courtesy of Quinn, that this Ms. St. Claire always ordered just enough blood and insisted it be wrapped in black cellophane. Which would seem stranger if she wasn't a Malkavian.

"Are you sure this is the right person?" Colette placed the folder in front of Leon. "There is nothing in here to indicate what you saw."

"I'm sure. And well a Malkavian - you know as well as I, anything is possible with them." Leon paused. "I think I might have to question her."

"Maybe, we should question her together." Colette gave him a small grin.

"Alright, we'll do it together. Get one of the Giovanni to assist." Leon used them when he needed someone good at Dominate.

Colette set everything up, tomorrow night the questioning would happen, hopefully.

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