Sickness Hits A Ghoul

It had started with feeling a little tired a few days ago, now Georgie Vanderrwilde was feeling completely under the weather. Weak, and sorta nauseous, barely able to get out of bed. Quinn had come in to her ghouls room to check on the much younger woman

What she saw was a pale faced sickly looking twenty six year old looking back at her. It was odd, ghouls rarely got sick and, most of the time the blood of their sire made them well again. However, Quinn’s blood hadn't helped Georgie. She wasn't any better, if anything the ghoul was worse.

Maybe it was magical in nature, but Quinn had never heard of anything magical being progressive like this. Still, a trip to talk to Tremere probably wouldn't hurt anything. She'd figure that out later.

Right now the Brujah Primogen just made sure her ghoul was comfortable and let her rest. Hopefully it was just a fluke and one Georgie would recover from shortly, but Quinn swore, if this had been done on purpose, whoever did it was going to pay.

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