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Summary: Devoted, Organized

Georgie Vanderrwilde (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 26 (ghouled at 24)

Group: Ghouls




Ghoul Vassel and, basically secretary, (she keeps stuff organized) for Primogen Quinn Abar

Ghouls are immune to Delirium and can soak bashing damage, but they can soak lethal damage unlike other mortals. Apart from fueling their Disciplines, they may also use the power of the vampiric blood stored in their bodies to increase Physical Attributes or regenerate a lost limb by spending a variable amount of that blood. They heal damage like a mortal, but can spend their blood to heal damage like a Cainite.

As long as a ghoul has vitae in his body, he does not age.

The power in the domitor’s blood partly carries over to the ghoul. Ghouls cannot go above level one in any power unless their domitor's generation is lower than an eight.

Discplines: (level one)
Celerity: Grants vampires supernatural quickness and reflexes.
Dominate: Overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree.
Potence: Endows vampires with physical vigor and preternatural strength.
Presence: Supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.


Brujah Ghoul
Feed just about any living creature a little vampire blood and it becomes a Ghoul, at least temporarily. In VTM, ghouls are omnipresent servants, easily created, and heavily abused - although networks do exist to assist them in escaping their masters. A ghoul’s emotions run to extremes with the heady drug of vitae in his veins — such a creature often falls prey to great rages and disturbing cravings. The name “ghouls” was not chosen at random.

These creatures are created when a vampire feeds his vitae to another creature. Mechanically, this vitae is treated as a single point - for one lunar month, the ghoul has a point of vampiric blood in his system and acquires all the benefits (and drawbacks) of ghouling. Ghouls can hold multiple blood points in their system, but if they try to hold more than a human capacity, it has unpleasant side effects until the vitae replaces their normal blood. As long as a ghoul has vitae in his system, he remains a ghoul: vitae is lost at the rate of one point per month, and when used to power Disciplines. While a ghoul has blood in his system, he will not age.

Animals can also be ghouled, a tactic particularly favored by the Nosferatu. Animal ghouls tend to grow larger and mutate, the result being a somewhat horrifying parody of the original creature. In addition, almost all ghouled animals develop a taste for blood, regardless of their original diets.


Ghouls are prone to frenzy, although not as strongly as a vampire, but do experience provocation for frenzy more often. In addition, they are addicted to vitae - apart from the deleterious effects of the blood bond, Ghouls are subject to horrible side effects when the supply dries up. Without vitae, a ghoul will rapidly age physically to his actual chronological age, and ghouls over a century will crumble to dust quickly.

Ghouls are addicted to blood, and the control of blood is the primary way that ghouls are managed by their domitors — in addition to more traditional techniques like Dominate.

Physical Appearance

Chestnut hair, brown eyes. About 5'4"

Personality and interests

Her interests are serving Quinn and getting blood.


Georgie was kicked out of her house at 16, because her stepfather and her were constantly arguing and her mom always took her stepfather's side so one day they just told her to get out. She had been traveling around and wound up in Atlanta where she met Quinn. Her becoming a Ghoul is kind of a blur all she knows now is she adores and would anything for Quinn and she craves her next fix of Quinn's blood.

Favourite Sayings

"Miss Quinn"

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Image of Georgie Vanderrwilde  (NPC)
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