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2015 Tournament of Simulations Winners

simcup2015It’s time to introduce the winners of the the 11th Tournament of Simulations (ToS)!  In case you missed it, ToS is an annual event where role play games of different clubs and genres compete against each other in a friendly manner for several awards.  The first tournament was held all the way back in 1999.  This year, each participating sim submitted 10 posts that were written sometime during 2015.  The posts were then evaluated by three judges in three different categories on a 1-10 scale: Story, Characters, and Readability/Grammar.  The games receiving the highest marks are now recognized.

As I say every year, evaluating sims is a subjective art and this is especially true with ToS.  We’re not here to identify the best games as this is impossible.  Instead, we’re here to identify what we think are outstanding role plays that exude excellence.  A different set of judges may very well chose a completely different set of winners.

Without an further ado, here are your winners…

Congrats to all eight!  As always, we unfortunately are not able to recognize all of the great sims that participated in the competition.  And there were some great ones that didn’t make the above list!  I’d like to personally thank all the games that entered for providing a fantastic role play experience for their players–that was evident in all of the entries.  The individual grade sheets and judges’ comments have already been emailed to each sim’s representative.

Finally, I’d ike to acknowledge our amazing panel of judges: Chris Flood, James Drysdale, James D. West, October Veritas, Sam Jones & Silent Hunter.  I call them the Super Six!  They volunteered hours of their time to serve the simming and online role playing community.  I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful job they did!

And that’s a wrap!  Look for the 2016 ToS competition to begin in late 2016 or early 2017.  Until then, happy role playing!