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Our most popular blog articles of 2017

It’s always interesting to look back and see which of our blog posts attracted eager readers.. Here’s the most popular from 2017:

Most popular articles posted in 2017

  1. 2016 Tournament of Simulation Winners!
  2. Congratulations to all of our 2017 Squiddie Nominees!!!
  3. Congratulations to our 2017 Squiddie Award Winners!
  4. Online Role Players & Pokémon Go
  5. The new OngoingWorlds Discord server
  6. Announcing the latest Simming Prize laureates
  7. Website problems & how you can help
  8. Games with the most posts this year
  9. How to host an event at SciWorld
  10. What a FallFest!


Most popular articles this year (from all time):

  1. A big long list of personality traits
  2. 10 of the greatest Spock quotes
  3. 4 rather good planet name generators
  4. 9 more movies with character flashbacks
  5. Positive & negative trait tables
  6. A list of great random character name generators
  7. Is it wrong to RP a relationship, when you are in a relationship yourself?
  8. The many different types of Mary Sue
  9. What to do when your Facebook roleplaying account is deleted
  10. 10 things that annoy other roleplayers

Looking at this second list, it’s clear that the posts that remain popular over time are the ones that are useful resources for roleplayers and writers. Some of these posts are from years ago, and are still being searched for and read, because it remains good advice. If you’ve got some good advice to share, we’d love to receive your article to post it here on our blog, where it’ll be seen by other OngoingWorlds users and writers. You can send your article here.

I’m considering posting a similar article to this about the games being ran on OngoingWorlds, perhaps short summaries of the stories so far, especially what’s happened throughout 2017 – this helps new players decide if they want to join a game, and get up to speed quickly. If you’re interested in writing a short summary (500 words max) of what happened in your game in 2017, submit it here: