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10 things that annoy other roleplayers

Misty Wilson from Phoenix roleplaying

Written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying

This article was written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying where she’s the Advertising and Community Officer. Misty also roleplays as Kateri in The Dark Cometh

We all have those things in life that aggravate us. Just like there are things in Roleplay that annoy us. And on the occasion, tremendously….Some, more than others and some people more than others. No, I am not saying some folks are annoying, even if the fact is sometimes true. I’m saying that some people tend to get annoyed more easily than others might. And some things are just plain more annoying than others.

That being said, I’ve come up with a list of ten things that annoy roleplayers. This is just in general. And heck, it might not annoy you…. But who’s to say it doesn’t annoy someone else? Enjoy!

Quantity over Quality

Not everyone can wax lyrical prose. And not everyone can write a five paragraph post per character. Now sure, we as roleplayers, don’t like getting, or even writing “one-liners”, but why should the quantity matter more than the quality? I just don’t get it. It seems that having a good, well written post beats having a too long, too wordy, didn’t you just type that in your previous post, post.

Mary Sue and Captain Kirk

Mary Sue characters

This one really is a given, but we can’t not mention it here, now can we? Every time I myself create a character I wonder if this newly created character is too ‘Mary Sue’. Pretty sure I’m not alone in that thought! Roleplaying with a Mary Sue tends to take the fun out of roleplay. It leaves no room for character development in game, nor should any one character be the best, most intelligent, strongest, etc…. Except prettiest, definitely have to have one of those… Joking!

I absolutely adore this article here about the many different types of Mary Sues

Attention Seekers

I know everyone likes to be appreciated, but there are some that take things a little too far, always calling attention to themselves, or to their characters. And I’m being nice here by calling them “seekers” and not the other choice word others tend to use! This type of annoying is those that tend to make, at every available opportunity, a post –or thread- about themselves. Or, one of their characters. Whatever…doesn’t matter as long as it is about them and they get the attention.

Nit-Picking/Pedantic players

We all know folks like this, right? Every little detail has to be just right. Rules, rules, rules….Yes, every game, every club needs rules but when you have created a game (sim), there is usually a tad bit left open for creativeness. Role-play is a pastime, a hobby – it is supposed to be, and should be fun! Everyone makes mistakes, and no single person is perfect, so it is only natural for one to have a post where a word is misspelled and overlooked. It’s not like they did it on purpose. I for one am notorious for mixing up the words who and how when I type. Guess sometimes, my fingers can’t keep up with my sporadic thoughts. Seriously though, plain and simple, it just isn’t nice to nit-picking another player’s post or the GM.

Being ignored!

You’ve posted a reply, a response in a group role-play thread. It’s a good one, too… complete with something witty. And then others post and your character was ignored. Why? Who knows…. But the fact that it is rather on the annoying side doesn’t change.


Every site, group, club, and community, has them. Yes, I did just write that! And it is true, because they do. Even if they say they don’t, guess what? They do! Now, don’t get me wrong, as this is not always a bad thing for newcomers. While some are evil and picky and don’t like to let new folks in, there are those that are very friendly and welcoming. So I guess in all actuality, this one of those things that is borderline annoying!

Overly long Character applications

You’ve stumbled onto a most awesome RP site, or game, but one look at the character app and all the details upon details they want included, makes you ask “why?” And ok, maybe freak you out a smidgen…maybe! But it does risk the possibility of deterring one for joining not only the site, but the game. Honestly, leaving room for character development, in character and through actual roleplay, is not that bad of an idea. And neither is it some kind of sin.

In character bullying

Odd one? I hope it is. But after actually witnessing such first hand, there really is some sense in having it be annoying. Now I completely understand that not every character will get along….and what’s the fun in that? And also that not every player will get along, either. But, if you cannot stay in character while rp-ing with someone you don’t like, or someone whose character has a fly off the handle temper (which has been stated in the cio/app), then how good of a roleplayer, and adult, are you? Sorry if this one pushes some buttons, but this does actually happen, folks.

Meta-gaming (mind reading)

Another given annoyance, I know. But bear with me here…. It is a bigger issue to some, than Mary Sue’s, at least in this gals humble opinion. Some also call this mind reading…ya know…that small itty-bitty detail other players know about your character, but their characters dont’t –that gets mentioned anyways? Or…. You’ve written something – your character’s thoughts, so to speak- about something and suddenly the other character KNOWS! Gasp! *clears throat* Excuse me?

Lack of Respect

This folks, is without a doubt my number one… the thing that annoys me the greatest. In most of our RPG’s, not matter which type they are, play-by-post, tabletop, PBEM, just to name a few, everyone should respect each other. You never know the demon’s that are hiding behind another person’s eyes, or in our case, their words…their characters, etc. No one person is the same and neither do they create or write the same. Respect on another, and I will venture to guess that your community will flourish.

Maybe one of mine is actually a Mary Sue after all –*Runs to check!!!

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This article was written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying where she’s the Advertising and Community Officer. Misty also roleplays as Kateri in The Dark Cometh. See our other articles about Phoenix Roleplaying here.