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Congratulations to our 2017 Squiddie Award Winners!

Earlier this year, we asked the simming & online role playing community to nominate their very best for our pinnacle award, the Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing (affectionally known as the Squiddie).  You responded with 19 nominations for 17 different people, games, and clubs.  And my what an outstanding group it was!  The consistent high-caliber of the nominees made our job of picking winners extremely difficult.  For that reason, I want to personally thank everyone for providing us such a great group to choose from… even though it made our job more challenging.

If you recall, Squiddies are awarded to only one person, one game, and one club each year.  The prizes come in three categories (Excellence in Role Playing, Originality & Innovation, and Facilitating the Community Experience) and are awarded primary for actions during the prior calendar year.  In this case, 2016.  Without any further ado, here are your 2017 Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing Laureates… Read More


10 things that annoy other roleplayers

Misty Wilson from Phoenix roleplaying

Written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying

This article was written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying where she’s the Advertising and Community Officer. Misty also roleplays as Kateri in The Dark Cometh

We all have those things in life that aggravate us. Just like there are things in Roleplay that annoy us. And on the occasion, tremendously….Some, more than others and some people more than others. No, I am not saying some folks are annoying, even if the fact is sometimes true. I’m saying that some people tend to get annoyed more easily than others might. And some things are just plain more annoying than others. Read More


Announcing the 2014 Squiddie Award Winners!

Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying

With the Oscars now conveniently out of the way, it’s time to present our top award for the entire simming and online role playing community: the Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying, or more affectionally known as the Squiddies.  For anyone who hasn’t yet read about the award, we present three respective citations annually for Excellence in Role Playing, Facilitating the Community Experience, and Originality and Innovation.

We received 32 nominations this year, and unfortunately, we are only able to present Squiddies to three: one club, one game, and one person.  What a challenge as all of the nominees are deserving in their own right.  So without any further ado, here are the winners of the 2014 Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying: Read More


5 steps to world domination: How to create your own sim

Nathan Fillion, Mal Reynolds in Firefly

Nathan Fillion (image: Gage Skidmore)

Blame Nathan Fillion. That’s what I do.

I’ve created a good number of sims for my club (Phoenix Roleplaying) and elsewhere over the years; including some original concepts that I have covered in a previous article.

In this post, I will be covering some more general points about sim creation, focussing in particular on Kvant, the Simulation Cup winning Firefly sim that I created for Phoenix in 2011. I’ll give you a description of that sim to help you get the idea:

The Eagles of Warsaw are an elite mercenary group who travel the ‘Verse, tackling ruthless pirates, vicious Reavers… and rabid music fans. Read More