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404 Art Not Found [Maybe you can fix that!]

404 pageI bet that picture to the right looks very boring. Just… a white background. I bet you think you can make a good picture for it. You probably can. You know what, you should. Right now Ongoing Worlds is hosting a  two week contest stating tomorrow to see who can make the best picture for our 404 page! To see a set of guidlines and contest dates, just hit that really nicely formatted read more button! [It’s a really nice button too]


Contest Start – February 4th

Contest End – February 18th


  1. Must be original! [Judges will check the artwork]*
  2. No nudity or pornography [I’m sure we all know better than that]*
  3. No swearing or profanity*
  4. Must relate towards “404 Page Not Found”
  5. Try to relate towards Roleplaying or Ongoing Worlds if you can!
*Counts for immediate disqualification

Other Info

One picture will be selected to be displayed on the 404 page. There will be two runner ups and all three will be posted on the blog as well! All runner ups and the winner will receive an award on their OW profile! To submit, upload your image to Imgur and paste the link in the submission form below that goes to your image. If you would rather upload it to a site like DeviantArt you may do so as well. Just be sure it’s your own work. Anything that is copied will be disqualified. Submission form below. Contest entrants will be emailed on winners.



As usual, Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing!