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The differences & similarities of godmodding, metagaming & powerplay

Don't write them into situations their owners wouldn't want

Godmodding is taking control of another player’s character during roleplay. It’s usually frowned upon with the reason – you should only control your character and no-one else’s. Read More


Is godmodding all that bad?

GodmoddingI’m hoping to get a discussion going in the comments here. What are your opinions about godmodding?

I’ve seen games fall apart, and arguments caused because of a player godmodding (if you don’t know what godmodding is, see here). But I’ve also seen plenty of people realise their mistakes and learn from it, making them a better roleplayer and a better storyteller afterwards. Read More


Meta-gaming is Good

sarcastic wonkaThis article was written by Crimsyn from the USS Portland in Obsidian Fleet.

Meta-gaming is good

There, I said it.

I say this a lot, whether I’m playing tabletop games or play-by-post RPGs. And when I do, I’m invariably met with blank stares. After all, since Gygax first met the d20, it’s been common knowledge in the role-playing community that meta-gaming is one of the greatest sins that a player can commit. Read More


10 things that annoy other roleplayers

Misty Wilson from Phoenix roleplaying

Written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying

This article was written by Misty from Phoenix Roleplaying where she’s the Advertising and Community Officer. Misty also roleplays as Kateri in The Dark Cometh

We all have those things in life that aggravate us. Just like there are things in Roleplay that annoy us. And on the occasion, tremendously….Some, more than others and some people more than others. No, I am not saying some folks are annoying, even if the fact is sometimes true. I’m saying that some people tend to get annoyed more easily than others might. And some things are just plain more annoying than others. Read More


Meta gaming – Your character isn’t a mindreader

Get out of my head

If you’ve not heard of meta-gaming before, it’s a term that exists in all types of roleplaying, especially play-by-post and tabletop D&D type games. Essentially you, the player might know some details that your character might not.

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