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Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit – unbalanced characters

The above video is a sketch from a comedy show which perfectly sums up a problem in many roleplaying games. Read More


Do people freak out too much about godmodding?

someone's godmodding

I recently created a new discussion thread on RPG-D to see how many people have heard of open roleplaying, and how popular it is. There’s a description of open roleplaying here, and a great article here which makes a great case for it being awesome. Read More


When does godmodding become godmodding?

Your roleplayed my character. You won't get away with this

I saw a conversation thread on RPG-D recently about godmodding which we’ve talked about so many times before on this blog. And it occurred to me that it means different things to different people. Read More


How do you stop people from godmodding?

trolling godmodders

I noticed that RPRepository posted a news article about godmodding – which remains a constant problem in roleplaying games. I’d say it’s probably the biggest problem – would you agree?
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Meta gaming – Your character isn’t a mindreader

Get out of my head

If you’ve not heard of meta-gaming before, it’s a term that exists in all types of roleplaying, especially play-by-post and tabletop D&D type games. Essentially you, the player might know some details that your character might not.

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