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How do you stop people from godmodding?

trolling godmodders

I noticed that RPRepository posted a news article about godmodding – which remains a constant problem in roleplaying games. I’d say it’s probably the biggest problem – would you agree?
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RPRepository’s guide to preventing & dealing with drama in roleplaying games

rp-repositorylogo-ongoingworldsDrama happens. It happens whenever people care a lot, and in roleplaying we care a lot about the characters and worlds we write about. RPrepository have a great guide for dealing with drama, I won’t copy & paste it all here, but I encourage you to go read it on their page. Read More


10 roleplayers to watch on YouTube

Kim from RPRepository

Gorgeous Kim, the creator and site admin of RPRepository often uploads videos for her community like the “Epic Anniversary Adventure”, created using 3D animation software, and voiced by her members. You can see Kim herself do wacky things like stick her face in a cake (no joke!), or even bellydance for the Geek & Sundry vlogger contest.

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Stick your face in a cake for Moderator appreciation day

It wasn’t widely announced, but Monday was Moderator appreciation day. I completely forgot until the night before, so didn’t make much of a big deal about the day itself apart from a meek message on our Facebook & Twitter.

Kim from RPRepository put up a fantastic message, thanking all forum moderators. She’d even baked a cake, which she proceeded to stick her face into. Seriously! Watch this:

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Field of dreams got it wrong. If you build it they won't come, unless you tell them to

Baseball player in the film "field of dreams"

I haven’t seen the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams” because it sounds terrible. Fortunately I have Waynes World which spoofed the film’s main catchphrase “If you build it, they will come”, leading Wayne and Garth to create a rock concert, which goes surprisingly well despite barely any advertising.

The mentality of “If you build it, they will come” is a dangerous one in my opinion. Read More


This holiday, give the gift of a drama-free gaming group

Kim from RP Repository

Written by Kim from RP Repository

Drama destroys gaming groups. It happens all the time.

There’s a popular wisdom that would have us think that this is because “nerds” or “geeks” aren’t the most socially apt, but in fact, petty conflict breeds misery all over the world. From school rooms to board rooms, from church groups to hockey teams, tough talks are still tough talks, and even the most well-adjusted individuals don’t enjoy rocking the boat. EVEN if they don’t like the boat!

Over on the RP Repository, the social network for Roleplay Gamers and their characters, we’d like to propose a different theory:

1) Gaming is only genuine fun when you’re playing with people who you like, and who like you back
2) Most damaged relationships can be repaired, with a bit of work
3) Most people, nerd, geek or normal, want to be friends and are willing to make changes if they know what they are Read More


Moderator Appreciation Day – July 1st

DavidDo you appreciate your moderators? If you haven’t shown your appreciation, there’s now a full day where you’re encouraged to show your appreciation. This article is written by Kim, the creator and admin of, a social network devoted to Roleplayers and their characters. Despite its huge range of unique features, feedback from its community of thousands consistently names the open, friendly atmosphere as the #1 thing they treasure about the site.

Kim from RP Repository

Kim from RP Repository

The internet is an unruly and sometimes dangerous place. When you find an oasis where people are friendly and capable of having civil discussions, you know you’ve found something special. Often these utopias are ephemeral, here one year and then gone the next. To survive its own success, an internet oasis needs some truly great moderators to prevent its culture from drying up.

As the admin of a large roleplay site, the RP repository, I have the pleasure of working with an outstanding moderating team. Every month, I hear from countless users who have nightmare stories about the behaviors of other moderators on other sites. And I hear how surprised they are to have discovered a place where they can be on friendly terms with the moderators, rather than living in terror of them. It’s enormously tragic that these tales of moderation woe are so common, but not surprising. Read More


Creating groups in RP Repository

This article was written by Mike from the game Wreckage, played on OngoingWorlds.


Mike Krueger

In the last article I explained how players could create a webpage for their OngoingWorlds characters on the RP Repository site.  This not only helps advertise our PbP games on another awesome site dedicated to Roleplay, but allows us to include information and widgets that may not be possible in their OngoingWorlds profile pages.

This time I am going to show players and GMs how to join or create groups for their OngoingWorlds games on the RPR site.  Doing so is a great way to recruit new players for your PbP games as well as show how the characters involved are connected.

So let’s begin by logging into the RPR site. If you have not done so previously, please do sign up for an account, then log in.

Now click on your “Dashboard” link near the top of the page. Again, a page will display showing your characters as well as any groups you have joined. Note, you may need to click the arrow icon next to the headings in order to show them.


Both players who are seeking to join an existing group and GMs preparing to create a new one will now click on the “Join A Group” button toward the middle of the page. Read More


Using RP Repository to showcase your characters

DavidOne of the biggest challenges of running a roleplaying game is getting other members to sign-up and play, and I’ve seen so many fail quite early on because the GM can’t get enough players together. Advertising your game is important, and in this article Mike explains how you can use a website called RPG Repository to showcase your characters to other roleplayers.


Mike Krueger (MnMike on OngoingWorlds)

Most of us know that the key to recruiting new players for our PbP games is to network with others who are already interested in Roleplaying. Some games have turned to Facebook with great success, but there are other options available to us online.

One such option, and the subject of this article, is the relatively new RP Repository. (

The RP Repository (hereafter referred to simply as RPR) just celebrated its second “birthday” and has grown to host pages for over 4000 registered members. That is quite impressive for a site that has been advertised almost entirely by word of mouth.

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