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Recruiting: The Lifeblood of Role Playing

Fish joining others in another goldfish bowl

No single factor plays a greater role in determining the success of a sim or club than recruiting. Read More


Ongoing Worlds 2015 Feedback Survey *Please Read! Important For The Site!*

header_monster_homeSo we’re now a few months into the year and already Ongoing Worlds has been subject to a lot of new improvements and changes! What is more important though is how well they work, more over, the how well it works for the large community. Which is why we are encouraging each and ever member to take just a couple of minutes out of your day to let us know what you think about the site and what you want on the site! *It is very much appreciated by the Admins!* Read More


Ask the Admins Q&A

Raised-handsWonder how we do our jobs? Wonder who we actually are? Whether we’re robots,human hybrids, or aliens? What we like to do in our spare time or just general boring questions? Is Dave really a tea powered robot? Well! Now you can!  Read More


Sharing is caring – A guide to make your updates more visible on Facebook

just one like can make a difference

Some of you reading this have a Facebook page for your roleplaying game. Great! Facebook is a good way to get people to notice your game. But even if your page has loads of followers, your updates probably won’t get seen by all of them. Read More


Invite your members to the “Elite” Facebook group

OW Elite - a facebook group for the most awesome roleplayers

I don’t know how well known this is, but we have a semi-hidden-ish Facebook group for the most awesome OngoingWorlds members. This is a place where we can discuss things, our games, roleplaying in general, etc etc. Group posts are hidden to non-members so feel free writing anything in there without your prying parents or curious work collegues reading. Read More


How to post to a Facebook page from OngoingWorlds

Post to facebook

So you might have a Facebook page for your game on OngoingWorlds. If not, it’s a really good idea because:

  • It helps people find your game
  • It gives you a place to announce stuff
  • People can follow your game easily, even if they don’t have time to play (usually called lurking)

Read More


OngoingWorlds now has over 1000 likes on Facebook

OngoingWorlds has 1000 likes can you help us get moreI’m very pleased to announce that OngoingWorlds has this week surpassed over 1000 likes on Facebook!

This means that 1000 Facebook users have selected to ‘like’ our fan page, where we post links to our blog articles, news about roleplaying, and funny photos for roleplayers and writers. Read More


Field of dreams got it wrong. If you build it they won't come, unless you tell them to

Baseball player in the film "field of dreams"

I haven’t seen the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams” because it sounds terrible. Fortunately I have Waynes World which spoofed the film’s main catchphrase “If you build it, they will come”, leading Wayne and Garth to create a rock concert, which goes surprisingly well despite barely any advertising.

The mentality of “If you build it, they will come” is a dangerous one in my opinion. Read More


Using social media for your roleplaying game

Social Media

Social media is a massive thing at the moment, and it seems like everyone is using either Facebook or Twitter. TV programmes, radio stations, companies, products, and even your local gym will want you to either follow them on Twitter, or ‘like’ their page on Facebook. Here you will get a best kicksta review to generate a traffic to your social media platform.

You might hate social media, but you’ve got to admit it’s damn useful! Using Twitter or Facebook is a way that you can easily talk to people, and that’s great, but the most obvious value to your roleplaying game is that it makes it easier for people to find and talk to YOU!

Recruiting new members to your roleplaying game is difficult, and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help people to join. Think about how someone will find out about your roleplaying game. If you’re using a forum website, or OngoingWorlds, think about how someone will find you. Many people believe that if you create a website, you’ll automatically be seen by hundreds of visitors – but this is like building a shop in the middle of the desert – who will go there, unless they know it exists? Read More


Automatically post a Facebook status update when you post in Ongoing Worlds

ongoingworlds post to facebook

EDIT – This post is old now, so I’ve written a new one with updated instructions and screenshots. You can see it here

If you’ve got a Facebook fan page for your game (you might have created one from the previous tutorial), you might want to set it to automatically post an update to your page when someone posts in your game on OngoingWorlds.

This can be done by adding an app to your page called RSS Graffiti. To get started, go to the app page here:

Read More