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Tib’s Corner – Interview with Elena Vasilescu, Creator of “Before The Mast” #BeforeTheMast

pirate__1221836287_8352Yo ho ho Ongoing Worlds! Tib here with a special interview! Note that this one is actually TC’s first out of site interview. This week I interviewed Elena Vasilescu, creator of the notable RP game, Before The Mast. The game, Before The Mast is an 18th century naval themed play by post forum game opened on August 6th, 2010. The game has been running for more the two years, and just like us the players in the game have just entered their New Year. So let’s get this interview started and delve into the world of swashbuckling shall we? Read More


Flashback story – That Special Woman

Here’s the story that came 2nd place in the 2013 Flashback week competition. Written by Billie from Before the Mast. Read More


How to celebrate your RP events with activities & prizes

Happy 3rd Birthday to Before the Mast

This article was written by Elena Vasilescu.

My site, “Before the Mast”, has just turned three years old. In a world where many RPGs are created on a whim, going belly up before their half year anniversary, each new year a RPG is marking is a reason for celebration. Therefore, anniversary celebrations, events of all kind and prizes are the subject of my present article.

I had seen, on resource sites, several people asking “my site’s first anniversary is approaching. How should I celebrate it? What can I do?” Read More


Advertising an RPG

main_ASA2Maybe other people who have studies in Communication and PR would approach it from another side, and I am curious to see how they see it too. But as an economist who has learnt management and marketing in Uni, I believe in applying as many marketing and management concepts to managing a RPG. Yes, RPGs are not profit yielding, but this is the only main difference. In truth, most concepts applying to small businesses and non profit organisations do apply to it.
Read More


Interview with Elena Vasilescu, from Before the Mast RPG

Before the Mast posterLast week I interviewed Elena Vasilescu from Before the Mast RPG, with a few questions left over, I wanted to ask how the game came about, and how someone from Romania who speaks French and Spanish, and with players across the world ended up creating a roleplaying game written primarily in English.

Before the Mast has been running since the 6th of August 2010, and has been very active using social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. I interviewed their moderator Elena Vasilescu and asked her about the game. Read More


Before the Mast, roleplaying in the Age of Sail [Interview]

Before the Mast sailing ships

Before the Mast is a forum-based roleplaying game set in the ‘age of sail’, a term I’ve only recently learned – I’ve previously just called it “pirate times”, but it’s clear there’s a lot going on at this time in history, which is where Before the Mast RPG comes in. Fixing itself firmly in history, this is a roleplaying game (or “writing community” as Elena prefers) for history fans.

The game has been running since the 6th of August 2010, and Before the Mast has been very active especially on Twitter and Facebook. I interviewed their moderator Elena Vasilescu and asked her about the game. Read More


Using social media for your roleplaying game

Social Media

Social media is a massive thing at the moment, and it seems like everyone is using either Facebook or Twitter. TV programmes, radio stations, companies, products, and even your local gym will want you to either follow them on Twitter, or ‘like’ their page on Facebook. Here you will get a best kicksta review to generate a traffic to your social media platform.

You might hate social media, but you’ve got to admit it’s damn useful! Using Twitter or Facebook is a way that you can easily talk to people, and that’s great, but the most obvious value to your roleplaying game is that it makes it easier for people to find and talk to YOU!

Recruiting new members to your roleplaying game is difficult, and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help people to join. Think about how someone will find out about your roleplaying game. If you’re using a forum website, or OngoingWorlds, think about how someone will find you. Many people believe that if you create a website, you’ll automatically be seen by hundreds of visitors – but this is like building a shop in the middle of the desert – who will go there, unless they know it exists? Read More