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What a great FallFest & two OWCH for the price of one

FallFest image by James Drysdale

FallFest image by James Drysdale

What an outstanding FallFest!  Indeed, Diego and the entire support team from UFOP: StarBase 118 put on an absolutely fantastic show.  I actually counted 50 people in chat room #1 at one point during the first hour.  Wow!  Maybe next year we’ll need to expand to three events at once.  Who knows?

Anyway, I’d like to again thank everyone who had some hand in putting FallFest together.  We had contributors from seven different clubs (United Federation of Peaceful Simmers, Ongoing WorldsUFOP: StarBase 118Phoenix RoleplayingUCIPNew Worlds Project, and Independence Fleet).  So without any further ado, here they all are:

  • Marie Alexander (event host)
  • David Ball (planning & advertising)
  • James Drysdale (image creation)
  • Liam Frost (event host)
  • Diego Herrera (chair, event host, planning & advertising, and a little bit of everything)
  • Silent Hunter (event host)
  • Andrus Jaxx (event host)
  • Hark (event host)
  • Kalianna Nicholotti (event host)
  • Greir Reinard (event host)
  • Kim Leonard Smouter (event host)
  • Charles Star (event host)
  • Jhen Thelev (event host)
  • Velana (event host)
  • Landon Wakeland (event host and radio DJ)
  • Tristan Wolf (chat room and website support)

I’m sure there are others I’m still missing.  Feel free to recognize them in the comments section below.  And finally, I’d like to thank everyone for coming and participating.  FallFest wouldn’t be anything if YOU didn’t show up.  So thank you again.

Diego Herrera & Landon Wakeland are awarded the OWCH

Ongoing Worlds Community Honor

Ongoing Worlds Community Honor

It gives me great pleasure to present the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor Medal to Diego Herrera for his service as chair of the 2013 Simming Fall Festival.  Diego went above and beyond the call of duty to produce one of the greatest events in the history of simming and online role playing.  The success of FallFest ’13 has been well documented in only a few short hours.  Everyone who attended knows how absolutely fantastic it was.  On behalf of the entire community, thank you again, Diego.

I’m exceedingly pleased to also present the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor Medal to Landon Wakeland for his service as DJ of the first three Simming Fall Festivals.  Playing music, commentating on the happenings in each room, and adding a unique element to the event, Landon has truly innovated the concept of the online simming convention or festival.  I know everyone’s already looking forward to hearing you again at SciWorld ’14.  On behalf of simmers and online role players everywhere, thanks Landon.

And that’s a wrap.  See you all next year!

  • Alex

    Well done Diego and Landon. Very well deserved! It was really great 🙂

  • Embrystical

    I’m confused. I went on and nothing was happening.

    • What time did you get there @disqus_OZIBnAdlT1:disqus? And which chatroom were you in?

      • Embrystical

        Only 8:05. I clicked the link to Chatroom #1.

        • Charles Star

          What time zone is that?

          • Embrystical


          • Maybe it was a silent protest because I hadn’t arrived yet 😛

          • Embrystical

            I highly doubt it. Random:
            13 for NaNoWriMo
            14 for Winds of Winter
            15 for Blue Dwarf.

            And then I do my highers.

          • Charles Star

            Hmm, not sure what happened, but I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble.

            We were definitely there.

          • Embrystical

            I believe you, but WHERE!?

  • Jeanne Carroll

    NIce job and well done, you bith deserve a big hand for all the fun I had and the music to go with it. I had a great time and cna’t wait for next year.

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