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Website problems & how you can help

Hi guys, you might have noticed that last weekend, the website was down for about 10 hours, which is the longest it’s been since launch :-S

I had to perform some fixes, which meant waiting on support staff at the hosting company, and ended up paying for a different hosting band to make sure the website wasn’t hitting memory limits. Which means, the hosting now costs more :-/

How you can help is to donate to the server costs, which currently now is $29 per month. Here’s the options:

$20 – Donate (almost) a month’s hosting
The website costs $348 per year in hosting costs + $35.30 for domain registration. Covering the month’s hosting would be an excellent gift.
Donate a specific amount
Choose your own amount. I drink lots of tea when working on the site, how about donating to some Earl grey?
$1 per month – Hero membership
A monthly donation of just $1 makes you a hero. With Hero membership you can proudly display your avatar on every post, so everyone knows you donate. More info here.

Many thanks to those who’ve already donated

During the website crisis (a very stressful time for me!), I got an email notifying me of a donation, which lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe! So it helps on many levels. Here’s the members who’ve donated recently:

Thanks so much dudes! And if you haven’t donated, remember that it’ll mean the world to me, even if it’s a small amount. We need to keep those servers funded!