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This month is sponsored by…

Each month, the OngoingWorlds website has hosting costs that are in part covered by our Hero Members. However, we don’t currently have enough hero Members to cover the entire month’s hosting, so it’s always nice to receive a whole month’s hosting up front (there’s an option here).

This month has been very kindly sponsored by Helder Fouto, who donated yesterday.

Thanks very much Helder!

If you’d like to donate to our ongoing costs, you could donate regularly and become an OngoingWorlds Hero Member (which shows on each of your posts), or donate for a month up front, which I’d be totally grateful for!

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Website problems & how you can help

Hi guys, you might have noticed that last weekend, the website was down for about 10 hours, which is the longest it’s been since launch :-S

I had to perform some fixes, which meant waiting on support staff at the hosting company, and ended up paying for a different hosting band to make sure the website wasn’t hitting memory limits. Which means, the hosting now costs more :-/ Read More


Feature your games for only $5 for the next 3 weeks

Hey roleplayer dudes, for the next 3 weeks, it’s only going to cost $5 to feature a game. Send me a request if you’d like to (click here). There’s only space for 3, so make sure you get in first. If you do donate though, I’ll make sure you get shown next month. Read More


New price of OngoingWorlds mug – Donate to help fund the site

This time last year, we were more than half the way to being funded. But this year we’re lagging quite a lot behind, so I need your help to fund our monthly hosting costs.

I’ve reduced the price of getting an OngoingWorlds mug, so if you’d like to help, send a donation our way and I’ll send you a mug!

click to get a mug - download page

I love OngoingWorlds but it burns a hole in my pocket, and it’d be great if you could help me pay for it! Picking either of the options on the donation page would be great – Go to the donations page now.


You might have noticed the “Featured game request” area

featured game pointerYou might have noticed on the homepage there’s now an area for “Featured games”. This is something I’m trialling to see if it’s popular, as it has been requested by several people now.

I don’t really like to show favouritism to one game over another but this might solve 2 problems: Read More


We’re 100% funded this year – And here’s who I’d like to thank

100% funded Hello you lovely roleplayers! I’m in a good mood today because I just did some maths (and those who know me, know how much I hate maths, and how terrible I am at it!), and I calculated that you – the lovely members of OngoingWorlds have funded the entire year’s server costs for 2014!  Read More


Hero membership

Hero membership

Hey dudes, I’ve added a new way to highlight & reward users who donate. As a way for me to say thanks, and for donators to have something a bit special. Read More


Thanks Threnody for donating – & introducing the recent donator highlight box

Highlighting the last donator

Hey roleplayer dudes, I wanted to specially thank Threnody for donating recently, which has helped significantly with our ongoing hosting costs! Read More


Thanks to DocAnvil for the donation

S. S. Seiklon Axel roleplaying game

DocAnvil roleplays in the S. S. Seiklon Axel

Not long after I published a thanks to Xexes for donating, we got another donation. Wow that was fast! This time the donation came from DocAnvil, a roleplayer from the Borderlands Star Trek roleplaying community. This is the 2nd donation since my promise to send out mugs the the next three.  DocAnvil plays in the S. S. Seiklon Axel a roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe aboard a civilian spaceship. A post by a member of Seiklon Axel was a runner-up in 2011’s Flashback week competition (read it here).

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when everyone else can contribute. Your donations really do help keep OngoingWorlds going.

Thanks so much to DocAnvil for the donation!



Thanks to Xexes for the donation


Xexes donated to our running costs, and will be sent a mug!

A few weeks ago I announced that anyone donating over $25 will be sent an OngoingWorlds mug (modelled by Ed below).

Roleplayer Xexes has done just that, so I’ll be sending him one of our special mugs. Xexes is a roleplayer and has written several articles for us which you’ll find here, and you’ll find him on RPG-D here.

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when someone can donate and get me off the hook for a month! Read More