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Each month, the OngoingWorlds website has hosting costs that are in part covered by our Hero Members. However, we don’t currently have enough hero Members to cover the entire month’s hosting, so it’s always nice to receive a whole month’s hosting up front (there’s an option here).

This month has been very kindly sponsored by Helder Fouto, who donated yesterday.

Thanks very much Helder!

If you’d like to donate to our ongoing costs, you could donate regularly and become an OngoingWorlds Hero Member (which shows on each of your posts), or donate for a month up front, which I’d be totally grateful for!

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Highlighting Hero Members

Hello roleplayers! I’ve made a recent change to the homepage that highlights our Hero Members. Read More


Become a Hero and be entwined in OngoingWorlds’ tentacles forever BWAHAHAHA

Squiddie grabbing heroOkay I admit I just wanted an excuse to use this cool graphic I made.

This article is a bit old now. Hero Membership is still a thing, and is the best way to support the website. But the details have changed, so here’s a link to a much more recent article:

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Hero membership

Hero membership

Hey dudes, I’ve added a new way to highlight & reward users who donate. As a way for me to say thanks, and for donators to have something a bit special. Read More