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Need to write characters with cancer, ADHD, epilepsy or are horses? RPG-D has you covered!


The basic anatomy of a horse for roleplayers. You need this in your life!

I know this is a bit of an edge case, but sometimes you might be writing about a character with an ailment which you don’t have much experience with. I noticed recently that the RPG-Directory forum has a reference section called ‘D-pedia which has the following guides:

There’s also a guide to the English school system, might be useful because I know we have a few school-based games like Hero High & School of the damned (although I know they’re both not English schools).

There’s also some really specific guides too, like how to make a Romanian character (One day you’ll be glad of this. One day!), and a roleplayer’s guide to horses.

Yeah. No kidding.

If these very specific guides have come in useful, please do let us know in the comments below.