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Barriers to entry

Barrier to entry

I recently saw an article on Gnome Stew about the barriers to entry in roleplay games, and how you should really avoid them, it prompted me to post a discussion on RPG-Directory about other people’s experiences and opinions about what are barriers to entry, and how to remove them. Read More


More opinions about downsides when casting magic

character powers with penalties

A few weeks ago we posted an article by Squidlord about why penalties for magical powers is bad. There was a lot of discussion about this (go read the comments). I asked the roleplayers on RPG-Directory what they thought about this too, and got some great answers. Read More


Do people freak out too much about godmodding?

someone's godmodding

I recently created a new discussion thread on RPG-D to see how many people have heard of open roleplaying, and how popular it is. There’s a description of open roleplaying here, and a great article here which makes a great case for it being awesome. Read More


Need to write characters with cancer, ADHD, epilepsy or are horses? RPG-D has you covered!


The basic anatomy of a horse for roleplayers. You need this in your life!

I know this is a bit of an edge case, but sometimes you might be writing about a character with an ailment which you don’t have much experience with. I noticed recently that the RPG-Directory forum has a reference section called ‘D-pedia which has the following guides:

Read More


The 3 most important things for making an RP last for years

making an rp last for years

I asked a question on RPG-D to get a discussion going about the best types of concepts for RPs, the kind of concepts that will last. Because we can usually spot the games that will stick around for a while, and the ones that won’t. Can’t we? Read More


When does godmodding become godmodding?

Your roleplayed my character. You won't get away with this

I saw a conversation thread on RPG-D recently about godmodding which we’ve talked about so many times before on this blog. And it occurred to me that it means different things to different people. Read More


Is it wrong to RP a relationship, when you are in a relationship yourself?

This question was first asked in our Facebook group, where it provoked an interesting discussion. It was such a great topic that I copied it over to RPG-Directory and asked the roleplayers there too, who are a very vocal bunch of mostly forum roleplayers.

Chris, who plays Phil in Blue Dwarf replied first with:

184498_10151691127821967_1346191233_nI don’t think so, otherwise authors etc would never be able to write about relationships if they where in one, same for actors in films – as long as it was open and not explicit then there is not a problem – The problem only arises if the person doing the writing has problems distinguishing between the *characters* relationship and the *players/actors* and thinking they are the same person. Read More


Kickstart: A service to help get your roleplay running

So I was on RPG-Directory a few weeks ago, which is a great social network for roleplayers (and a good place to advertise your game!) and I noticed something called “Kickstart”, a service to support roleplayers that have created a new roleplaying game, and need to get it started. And we all know this is the most difficult time for any roleplay, getting off the ground can be difficult. I asked user Xexes more about Kickstart. Here’s what he wrote for us:


User Xexes on RPG-D

What’s Kickstart?

Kickstart is a community effort to help roleplays get going, for roleplayers, by roleplayers. It’s hard to start and keep a roleplay going, and kickstart is meant to be that one last push. Read More


Useful links from a convention I attended in my pyjamas

Arthur dent pyjamas

You can do a surprising amount of things in your pyjamas

Last night I attended an online chat convention called SciWorld. The great thing about online conventions is that you can wear whatever you want, including your pyjamas, and no-one bats an eyelid. The talk I hosted was titled “Advertise or die. Letting people know about your roleplay” where I discussed ways to let other roleplayers know about your game, to get more players. Read More


What does a Mary Sue mean to you?

Bloody Mary-Sues

We’ve posted a few articles about Mary Sue characters in roleplaying games (you can see them here), but what exactly is a Mary Sue? There’s obviously the story of the very first Mary Sue character, but the term means different things to different people.

There was a discussion about this on RPG-Directory this week, which was quite enlightening, and here are the highlights: Read More