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Kickstart: A service to help get your roleplay running

So I was on RPG-Directory a few weeks ago, which is a great social network for roleplayers (and a good place to advertise your game!) and I noticed something called “Kickstart”, a service to support roleplayers that have created a new roleplaying game, and need to get it started. And we all know this is the most difficult time for any roleplay, getting off the ground can be difficult. I asked user Xexes more about Kickstart. Here’s what he wrote for us:


User Xexes on RPG-D

What’s Kickstart?

Kickstart is a community effort to help roleplays get going, for roleplayers, by roleplayers. It’s hard to start and keep a roleplay going, and kickstart is meant to be that one last push.

In Oct 2012, a member called LongStockings proposed an idea : sometimes boards do everything right, but just need a little push to get running; let’s be that push. In Jan 2013, we were up and running, tied to RPG-D’s giving community.

Kickstart we help roleplay boards get active

Kickstart is a give-and-take service that aims to help you with your roleplay.

Kickstart Philosophy

Kickstart doesn’t want to be an effortless service for admins who simply want their board to run without getting their hands dirty. Kickstart’s requirements are things that a good admin should be doing for their roleplay regardless of whether or not they plan to participate in Kickstart, designed for play-by-post forums. It translates awkwardly for Ongoing Worlds roleplays. But even the Ongoing Worlds blog encourages OW roleplays to search outside the OW network for new members.

So Who Has Kickstart Helped?

Kickstart growing roleplays

Kickstart’s growing in popularity every month, with many folks joining the club and new kickstart campaigns popping up here and there.

There have been a few hiccups with Kickstart, but we’re ironing out the issues we’ve been having by creating new guides for administrators and making other guides clearer. At least four forums have actually received kickstart’s help, but with varying results.

So Will Kickstart Help Me?

No one can say for certain what your outcome will be, but you’re welcome to give it a try! Remember that Kickstart is a give and take effort ; give a little, take a little.

How Do I Get Started With Kickstart?

First, you need to join RPG-D and have at least fifteen posts. After that, you can join and interact with clubs. (Guide: How To Get 15 Posts At RPG-D) . The next step is to press Join Club on Kickstart’s Club Page . Because Kickstart opted to be a part of RPG-D via the Club feature, it’s bound to some rules of Clubs that make things a little difficult. And finally, read the guides that interest you, listed at the top of the Club for your convenience. From here, you can join Kickstart campaigns and help other roleplays, or even list your own roleplay and request help from Kickstart.

The above was written by Xexes, a user from RPG-Directory