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Barriers to entry

Barrier to entry

I recently saw an article on Gnome Stew about the barriers to entry in roleplay games, and how you should really avoid them, it prompted me to post a discussion on RPG-Directory about other people’s experiences and opinions about what are barriers to entry, and how to remove them. Read More


Thanks to Xexes for the donation


Xexes donated to our running costs, and will be sent a mug!

A few weeks ago I announced that anyone donating over $25 will be sent an OngoingWorlds mug (modelled by Ed below).

Roleplayer Xexes has done just that, so I’ll be sending him one of our special mugs. Xexes is a roleplayer and has written several articles for us which you’ll find here, and you’ll find him on RPG-D here.

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when someone can donate and get me off the hook for a month! Read More


So you want to kill a character…

Roleplay character jumping off a cliffA while ago I began asking roleplayers about killing off their characters, why and how they did it, and what the consequences were. The death of a character can have widespread consequences for the rest of your game, both the story and the other characters, as Sarah from RPGRating explains… Read More


Writing character death scenes in roleplay

Grim reapers drinking tea

I’ve asked a few people recently about their experience of the killing off characters in their roleplay, and have got some great snippets which I’ll publish here on the blog. I know it’s a morbid topic, but quite an interesting one! Read More


Kickstart: A service to help get your roleplay running

So I was on RPG-Directory a few weeks ago, which is a great social network for roleplayers (and a good place to advertise your game!) and I noticed something called “Kickstart”, a service to support roleplayers that have created a new roleplaying game, and need to get it started. And we all know this is the most difficult time for any roleplay, getting off the ground can be difficult. I asked user Xexes more about Kickstart. Here’s what he wrote for us:


User Xexes on RPG-D

What’s Kickstart?

Kickstart is a community effort to help roleplays get going, for roleplayers, by roleplayers. It’s hard to start and keep a roleplay going, and kickstart is meant to be that one last push. Read More