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There will be bugs!

You might have noticed some changes to the site yesterday. That’s because I uploaded a whole lotta changes all at once! Here’s my video about that:

There have been a few bugs, things that might not look quite right, and some things that just don’t work. It took me the whole day chasing down some of these bugs, and it was like…

2 weeks fixing a bug, missing period

Yep. Although not 2 weeks. More like a day. Turns out making lots of changes all at once led to a few problems. Things I’m still fixing…

bug fixing kitty

I need your help. There’s still a few more bugs out there, so could you please let me know if you find any.

In the meantime I’ll keep chipping away at the improvements and bug fixing, and hopefully soon I’ll be like…

all bugs fixed

*Edit* – Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped me find bugs so far. John Garcia, Xan, Andy Longman, Owain, your feedback was great, thanks! 1An0maly1 also had some brilliant ideas for the future, cheers dudes!

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