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Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit – unbalanced characters

The above video is a sketch from a comedy show which perfectly sums up a problem in many roleplaying games. Read More


There will be bugs!

You might have noticed some changes to the site yesterday. That’s because I uploaded a whole lotta changes all at once! Here’s my video about that: Read More


Story summaries for games with over 100 posts

Unlockable perks

Here’s a new feature you’ll unlock when your game gets over 100 posts (the game also needs to have been around for at least 2 months too). Read More


10 roleplayers to watch on YouTube

Kim from RPRepository

Gorgeous Kim, the creator and site admin of RPRepository often uploads videos for her community like the “Epic Anniversary Adventure”, created using 3D animation software, and voiced by her members. You can see Kim herself do wacky things like stick her face in a cake (no joke!), or even bellydance for the Geek & Sundry vlogger contest.

Read More


Disown & adopt characters

Part of the updates I worked on last weekend included improvements to the way characters can be “disowned” and “adopted”. Read More


Want more members? Advertise your game on PBEM2

Are you looking for more members to join your game? If you’re not advertising on PBEM2 you might be missing out, here’s a video walkthrough of me showing you how to add a listing on PBEM2 🙂


Approving and declining members is a big ol’ piece of cake

Roleplaying games are more fun with other members. In OngoingWorlds I’ve made it really easy to approve new members who’ve submitted a good character profile, or decline the ones that haven’t. Here’s a screencast explaining how to do it:



New "story summary" feature added

Last week I added a new feature to OngoingWorlds which allows long-running games to show an summary of the recent story. This is to communicate recent events to a new member without amending your game description.

I explain it better in the video here:


1882 – WBWW runner-up

Here’s the story that came third place in our WBWW competition. It’s the tale of a cowboy called Alex Solvay in the American old west, being told to his great grandson, also called Alex. Alex is a character in the game Blue Dwarf played on OngoingWorlds.

The story is written by Jack Tennant, who has even recorded this story to audio, which you can listen to through the YouTube video below, or read the story underneath.

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New OOC update for everyone

I heart OOC

The OOC update has been around for quite a while, but until now you’ve had to opt-in by registering on a form on the original article. Now it’s available for everyone, in all games.

Here’s a video where I explain how to make a post into an OOC post, it’s really simple. Read More