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Maintaining A Community Through Podcasting

Star Trek Borderlands

I’ve been playing in RPG games through Star Trek: Borderlands for 6 years now.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities for creativity that has presented, the friends that I have made, and the ways in which we can continue to build our shared role playing world.

ST:B has been active since 1993, and as far as I know, one of the key features to our sharing has been podcasting. Read More


Fifty Shades of Blue

Celebrating the 50th Blue Dwarf Podcast.

Blue DwarfThis article was written by Mr Tenn Pup (Jack) AKA Alex.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s only just over a year since we first pondered the possibility of a Blue Dwarf Podcast. David Ball put the notion to me in September 2012 by means of a tentative tweet. A few test-‘casts ensued (embarrassing Chris Barrie influenced murmurings from myself – a couple are still available online, if you know where to look), while David researched the best way to go about hosting and publishing the stories. A bit of skilled nudging and some excellent behind-the-scenes organisation from Mr Ball, and we’ve somehow managed to publish fifty already! Read More


10 roleplayers to watch on YouTube

Kim from RPRepository

Gorgeous Kim, the creator and site admin of RPRepository often uploads videos for her community like the “Epic Anniversary Adventure”, created using 3D animation software, and voiced by her members. You can see Kim herself do wacky things like stick her face in a cake (no joke!), or even bellydance for the Geek & Sundry vlogger contest.

Read More


Spellbound Narrated – Requiring Voice Actors!

Leon Archer

Leon Archer, GM of Spellbound

Hello everyone, Leon Archer here – also known as Phantasmagoria.

I’m here for something a little bit special today.

Today I have started to record some of your stories into fully voiced episodes that I’m hoping will be available on a weekly basis.

But to do this, I am going to need your help. Read More


Does creating audio podcasts make people take your roleplay seriously?

Music Energy (+clipping path, XXL)I love listening to podcasts. I’ve been listening to audio podcasts for many years, despite only owning a iPod recently. Usually I burn them to CD and listen in my car on long drives, or just my usual drive to work.

I love podcasts because they’re so specific on a topic, instead of listening to talk radio which usually has to cater for a wide general audience. You can check Radio Waves for latest radio talks. In recent years I’ve been a boom of podcasts, each created by amateurs who are excited about a niche topic. One of these is the Starbase 118 podcast, Starbase 118 is a community of many roleplaying games, which gives them loads of content to talk about in an audio podcast. Read More